Encore Electric Volunteers Time, Expertise to Help Mile High WorkShop with New System

October 16, 2018 – Denver, CO — Sometimes people need a little help. They may need a hand up, some training, or just a chance to prove themselves. And it’s not just people who need help – organizations need help sometimes too. The team at Encore Electric often gives of our own time and money to help when we can. By partnering with other organizations that provide help to others, we are all better.

Mile High WorkShopThis attitude was on display recently when members of the Encore Electric service team helped to install some machinery and electrical work for Mile High WorkShop. The organization, which employs people who need a little help and may have been through some life challenges, had a challenge: they were gifted some machines to make one of their many projects run smoother, but lacked the resources to get the machinery installed.

The machines – an air compressor, a shredder and a blower – are all connected to a system that could be operated by employees to stuff pillows. In fact, the new machinery stands to more than triple the output of the employees, who are used to stuffing the pillows by hand.

Encore Electric stepped in, looked at the machines, figured out what needed to be done to get power to the machines and put them to operation. After delivering a proposal and plans, the Encore team went to work, having one technician do about 2-3 days of work on the project, free of charge.

The machines are now working amazingly well. Mile High WorkShop is reporting that they have gone from being able to make 20 pillows/day to now more than 50 pillows by lunchtime.

“It’s been great for production and efficiency but also for the production experience and training we’re able to give our program participants,” said Andy Magel from Mile High WorkShop. “Please pass our gratitude onto your whole team!”

Click here or on the picture at right to see a short video about the pillows that are made by the people at the workshop.

Mile High Workshop does a lot of different types of work, including some electrical prefabrication and woodworking. It’s all in an effort to provide people with skills that they can use to start a career or simply get a job.

“Ultimately, we train people too. That’s our apprenticeship program,” said Brian Terry, account manager from Encore Electric who helped with the project. “We’ve got hundreds of classes that make our employees better – that’s what (Mile High WorkShop) does and so it just makes sense to partner with someone like them.”

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