Electrical Apprenticeship: The Future of Your Career

At Encore Electric, we provide a range of well-paid career paths starting with electrical apprenticeship, plus the training and education you need to succeed in all of them. In addition to the traditional route from apprentice to project manager, our employees can pursue CAD, BIM, VDC, preconstruction and systems. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to advance into leadership positions and continuously develop your installation and maintenance skills on a variety of exciting projects, furthering your electrical career. You can find Encore Electric jobs here.

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With a catalog of over 100 different courses, Encore University offers our employees a unique opportunity to become the best-trained craftsmen and professionals in the country. This quality education is free to our employees and is an investment we make to ensure we employ the safest and most skilled electricians in the industry.

Our four-year Apprenticeship curriculum offers classes from basic safety, tools, blueprints, first aid & CPR and math through advanced classes in types of wiring, troubleshooting, NEC code and leadership.

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Electrical Apprenticeship