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About Us: Encore Electric – The Rocky Mountain Region’s Premier Electrical Contractor

At Encore Electric, we are committed to excellence in providing quality preconstruction, construction, technology solutions, fabrication and service in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner…for all things power, technology and energy. Learn more about us.

Encore Electric is a Colorado-based legacy company that focuses on delivering to its customers a wide array of electrical construction projects and maintenance services. Encore has earned the reputation of high quality, innovation and customer satisfaction throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We credit our success to our craftspeople and industry partners. We have grown as our people and customers have grown.

Encore provides design/build and design/assist services including extensive preconstruction cost analysis and constructability reviews. Our proven depth in project management and skilled workforce assures quality and safety as part of every project. Our service team offers a comprehensive post-construction service and maintenance program including 24-hour on-call support, power quality and proactive maintenance services.

The Encore Electric Journey

The Encore Electric Journey

Safety Culture

by Willis Wiedel, CEO | “Quite frankly, we care about all the people that work in our industry. We care about the lives of those people and the families that work, not only for Encore Electric, but for our entire industry.”


by Willis Wiedel, CEO | “People like being here … they really love the opportunity to also build work in a place we live, work and play. People like working for a construction company like Encore.”


by Willis Wiedel, CEO | “We wake up every day to take care of our customers. We deliver to our customers, something they can’t get anywhere else. … We’re not a profit-driven company, if you can believe that. We are a customer-driven company.”