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“I swear this worked an hour ago!”

We have all been there, the stress when your technology doesn’t perform the way you expect can be overwhelming.

Stop worrying and let Encore Electric solve your technology challenges.

Partner with us and we will ensure your technology systems are maintained, tested, and properly functioning when you need them.

  • Personalized help desk support
  • Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm


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Our technology solutions help desk and service technicians can provide you with the service you expect from a professional.


What’s the Encore Electric difference?

  • Complete AV and building technology maintenance, help desk support, and service visits
  • Highly-trained technology professionals on staff
  • Proactive maintenance and service plans
  • Technology integration and support for the full life cycle of your facility

Just a few examples of our Projects

Colorado State University (CSU) Moby Arena, Men's & Women's Locker Room Revitalization

This complex project utilized the design-build model which created collaboration among all the stakeholders and was necessary to get through the constant challenge of supply chain delays and resulting design issues. Having the flexibility and access to stakeholders allowed Encore Electric to make real-time decisions to keep the project on budget and on time. Luke Edwards, Encore Electric Technology Solutions Preconstruction Manager shared, “being part of design-build projects is always cool and fun because they create a highly collaborative environment and allow timely access to stakeholders and decision makers.”

Craig Hospital

Working collaboratively, we explored the vision Craig Hospital had for their patients. Their ability to effectively convey their goals, allowed us to be innovative in the design and build adaptive, integrated technology controls into each patient room to enhance care so we could help empower their patients to be independent. Craig Hospital patients now have the ability to raise and lower their blinds, change the room temperature, adjust lighting, call for a nurse, and change the TV channel on their own, with one breath of air.

UCHealth Hospitals

Encore Electric Technology Solutions focuses to provide cost and quality control, meet fast-track schedules, limit the burden on the hospitals resources, and driving standardization, all while delivering the expectations of the integrated technology for the life cycle of the facilities.

McGregor Square

Encore Electric Technology Solutions helped complete the project design and provided construction management of both electrical and technology systems. Some of the technology systems featured in this project include life safety communication systems, electronic security, access control systems, networking, and a massive audiovisual infrastructure. Residences also include advanced technologies such as “WELL-certified” lifestyle and environmental sensors which constantly measure nineteen conditions and feeds the measurements to university researchers who are pioneering new ground for green city planning.

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