Encore Gives! Day

Encore Gives! Day

The men and women of Encore Electric love the places where we live and work. We are proud of the philanthropic efforts that we support in the towns, counties, cities, and states where we operate. For the past three years, our employees have found a variety of new ways to give back to these communities.

Since 2018, Encore Electric employees, their families, and friends take part in events in Denver, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Eagle County, Glenwood Springs, and Colorado Springs to give back to the communities that have given us so much. Find out more about the causes we supported below, and see pictures.

2020 Encore Gives! Day Events

Denver – Tiny Homes Village

Mountains – Eagle River Clean Up

2019 Encore Gives! Day Events

Mountains – Rally the Valley

Colorado Springs – Palmer Park

North – Colorado Youth Outdoors

Denver – Mount Saint Vincent

Mountains – Eagle River Cleanup

North – Curt Gowdie State Park

2018 Encore Gives! Day Events

Mountains – Eagle River Cleanup

Rocky Mountain VA Medical Center

Denver – Children’s Hospital

Valor Point Homeless Domiciliary