Encore Electric, Inc. is committed to a complete culture of safety. From our senior management to our new apprentices, every employee is a safety advocate responsible for maintaining safe work environments. Our culture of safety is shown in Encore Electric’s strong safety record, which is consistently better than the electrical industry and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our extensive training maintains our high health and safety performance. We make sure that each employee knows the procedures to follow for every task and has the right tools and knowledge to accomplish each task safely and correctly.

We value the safety and well-being of our employees, our customers, and the people who will be the future occupants. We are leaders in training and safe work practices to eliminate potential hazards and prevent accidents and injuries.

Planning for a Safe Installation

Every one of our build plans includes a job-specific safety plan. Every job-site has a clearly-defined site-specific safety plan tailored to the specific hazards associated with each job’s schedule, project logistics and construction type. The safety plan sets out corresponding safety actions for each anticipated hazard.

Our safety plans include:

  • Thorough analysis of hazard exposure to employees, tradesman and occupants
  • Prescribed plans of safety action to eliminate any identified threats
  • Clear communication lines for planning, implementing and reporting safety issues
  • Identifying qualified job-site supervision with clearly-defined roles of responsibility
  • Identifying certified safety professionals, from on-staff BCSPs (Board Certified Safety Professionals), with defined accountability for project-specific oversight
  • Executive support in implementing each job-specific safety plan


Preventing Hazards Instead of Recording Injuries

The same forward thinkers that are responsible for our proactive building solutions have also improved our policy planning and accident prevention processes. Our team works to identify any risky work habits and conditions that might cause near misses and accidents before the work starts.

Our processes and solutions include:

  • Pairing a new hire with a tenured team member to promote “work safe” procedures and create a shared accountability
  • Hands-on demonstrations of the proper use of all craftsmen tools (from scissors to scissor lifts)
  • Daily safety huddles at the gang boxes identify project-specific congestion and adverse conditions
  • Our stop-work policy, backed by the executive leadership, that empowers all of our employees
  • Material provisions and training for project-wide lockout / tagout protocol for our employees and customers
  • Careful coordination of our site-specific safety policy with our clients’ risk management personnel
  • Sharing of best practices and electrical safety training with our contracting partners and clients through Encore University