Safety is everybody’s responsibility at Encore Electric

Everyone at Encore Electric treats working safely as their number one job. When safety is at the front of every single team member’s mind, it comes naturally. The people who make up our organization have a responsibility not only to themselves but to one another – because safe working practices lead to safety for the individual, and for the entire team, including general contractors; trade partners; and owners, who put their trust in us to not only do the job right the first time, but to do it with the best of quality and safety.

The leadership team at Encore Electric, including supervisors, managers, executives and Willis Wiedel, Encore Electric president, believe that they should all be servant leaders of the teams and people they lead. Encore Electric core values are based on safety, and the most important metric they use starts and ends with “How are we going to safely complete this job?”

Safety is ingrained into our organization at every single level, as well. From the newest first year apprentice all the way to the top, personal responsibility for safety is how we thrive as a team.

Our safety program has been recognized at the local, regional and national level. Taking time to celebrate those successes is important, but equally important is knowing that safe working practices cannot take a day off. There is always room to improve for the Encore Electric team, and that includes our safety practices.

On May 6, 2022, Encore Electric received the Safety Excellence award for the fourth year in a row, recognizing our dedication to safety.

Encore Electric is proud to be the 2019 National Construction Safety Excellence Awards Grand Award Winner by the Associated General Contractors of America!