From our top management to our talented craftspeople in the field, we aim to exceed customer expectations for large projects as well as facility alterations, expansions and upgrades. Our team has earned a reputation for delivering construction services on complex and challenging projects on time and on budget through our intensive training programs, preplanning, prefabrication, quality control, and commitment to safety.

Encore Electric Construction

The innovative thinkers and diverse problem solvers at Encore Electric are committed to providing our customers with the highest safety, quality and delivery standards through:

  • Participation during design
  • Pre-Planning for safety, quality and delivery
  • Providing technology directly to our craftspeople, enabling them to work efficiently
  • Incorporating prefabrication as a standard process, built in our own 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse,  to create safety and efficiencies on our job sites

Our Quality Assurance program not only improves our the quality of our construction services and reduces rework, it improves our customer satisfaction. Our investment in technology, prefabrication and training enables us to consistently exceed the standards of the industry through:

  • Preconstruction preview
  • Project Engineer Oversight
  • Construction Implementation

Our BIM designers use the latest software and technology for design and construction modeling to the sixth dimension. By modeling information to build, an electronic file can allow everyone to see the end product, move through the building in 3-D and plan for potential problems before construction starts. Our MIB encompasses:

  • PDF to DWG Conversion
  • Scanning tools for accurate modeling of existing systems
  • 2D – 6D Services for better scheduling and bidding
  • Narrated Video walk-throughs for owners
  • Augmented Reality

We work closely with our customers to select, implement, and manage systems to monitor and control all the technology throughout their entire facilities by offering:

  • Preconstruction Management using VDC/BIM Modeling on all construction
  • Technology System Construction Management
  • Building Performance Strategies
  • Facility Information Management and Integration