Encore University

Encore University is a statement to our employees about our company’s willingness to invest in their talent. Encore University was established as part of our company culture to foster individual and organizational learning and knowledge.

We believe that by surrounding our employees with skilled peers, extensive training opportunities and high-quality materials, they can do their best work for our customers.

Encore University Courses Offered

With a catalog of over 100 different courses, Encore University offers our employees a unique opportunity to become the best-trained craftspeople and professionals in the country. This quality education is free to our employees and is an investment we make to ensure we employ the safest and most skilled electricians in the industry.

Apprenticeship Training

Our four-year Apprenticeship curriculum offers classes from basic safety, tools, blueprints, first aid & CPR and math through advanced classes in types of wiring, troubleshooting, NEC code and leadership.

Continuing Electrical Education

In addition to basic electrician training, we offer our employees classes in business, advanced electrical and critical thinking skills to expand their knowledge of our high-demand field.

Math Courses

Mathematics is essential to electricians every day. Electrical calculations are likely to be needed in apprenticeship classes, for electrician examinations and on the job for proper calculations.

Safety / OSHA 10 & 30

Our workers attend 10-hour or 30-hour classes delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers. The 10-hour class is needed for entry level workers. The 30-hour class is required for Field Supervisors.

Supervision Training

Electrical supervisors must be able to monitor the work of other electricians and provide technical guidance as needed. Training provides strong leadership skills to motivate and oversee their teams.

Management Development

Our key management personnel receive training in project management, field leadership, productivity, quality control and management practices and strategies for daily operations.

Leadership Development

As Encore Electric employees move into positions of increasing responsibility and leadership, they take management classes in leadership development, ethics and effective communication.

Computer Usage & Application

With more software programs and tablets being used to keep information updated between management and workers on-site, computer skills are increasingly important to our electricians.

Encore Electric provides the instructor, the facility, the materials and the technology to train our employees. By providing this opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills, we  give our craftspeople and professionals the tools they need to achieve greater success, personal satisfaction and reward than any other career option available.