Project Stories

Moby Arena

Colorado State University (CSU) Moby Arena, Men’s & Women’s Locker Room Revitalization

Role: The Encore Electric Technology Solutions team partnered with general contractor Adolfson & Peterson to provide numerous technology and low voltage elements to the Moby Arena Locker Room Renovation Project, including audiovisual engineering, product solutions, and audiovisual integration and installation. In this environment, product solutions are extremely important for creating the atmosphere student athletes crave including high-definition digital displays, strategic lighting, robust sound, simple to use touch panels, and top of the line game consoles. The right products set the mood by not only energizing student athletes on game day but also helping to create quiet space for recovery, studying, and relaxing. No matter how the space is used, atmospheric technology elements are designed to enhance the desired effect.​
How We Succeeded: This complex project utilized the design-build model which created collaboration among all the stakeholders and was necessary to get through the constant challenge of supply chain delays and resulting design issues. Having the flexibility and access to stakeholders allowed Encore Electric to make real-time decisions to keep the project on budget and on time. Luke Edwards, Encore Electric Technology Solutions Preconstruction Manager shared, “being part of design-build projects is always cool and fun because they create a highly collaborative environment and allow timely access to stakeholders and decision makers.”

2023 Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Summit Awards – Low-Voltage / Limited Energy Systems Construction Award

McGregor Square

Role: Encore Electric provided power to the entire area and our Technology Solutions team ensured all technology systems were designed, installed and commissioned on time and on budget. We continue with a facility life cycle maintenance program for technology and electrical systems.
Scope: We helped complete the project design and provided construction management of both electrical and technology systems. Some of the technology systems featured in this project include life safety communication systems, electronic security, access control systems, networking, and a massive audiovisual infrastructure. Residences also include advanced technologies such as “WELL-certified” lifestyle and environmental sensors which constantly measure nineteen conditions and feeds the measurements to university researchers who are pioneering new ground for green city planning.
How We Succeeded: “The key to success on this project has been teamwork and the team’s flexibility and openness to change,” said Ken Cogan, Project Manager for Encore Electric. “Hensel Phelps, the General Contractor on the project, has done a fantastic job of putting together the right group, not just Encore, but all the parts and pieces.” I am proud to be able to drive by and point, telling everyone, “Hey, we built that!”
Awards Won: 
2022 Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Summit Awards – Best Commercial Project, $10M+
2021 Associated Builders and contractors (ABC) Rocky Mountain Excellence in Construction Awards  – Award of Merit

UCCS Ent Center for the Arts

Role: Through design guidance and construction management, Encore’s value to the project included our proven ability to manage the specialized performance technical systems including audiovisual and theatrical lighting controls in addition to the telecommunication and security systems – all essential to the core mission of the facility. Our experience with performing arts venues brought full coordination across multiple disciplines, cost control and schedule assurance.

Awards Won:

  • 2018 ENR Mountain States Best Projects – Best Specialty Construction Project and Award of Merit Cultural/Worship
  • 2018 Associated General Contractors of Colorado ACE Awards – Specialty Contractors over $10 Million – ACE Award
  • 2018 Associated Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction Awards – Award of Merit
  • 2018 National Independent Electrical Contractors Award of Excellence – Best Low Voltage/Limited Energy Project
  • 2018 Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Summit Awards – Best Low Voltage/Limited Energy Project
Encore Electric Technology Solutions CSU TMI Control Room

Colorado State University C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute

Role, Design Build Audio Visual and Systems Integration: The Translational Medicine Institute facilitates the discovery and application of novel therapies across human and animal medicine. The facility includes arthroscopic-equipped integrated operating theaters with attached observation rooms, equine-capable MRI and CT imaging, classrooms, event facilities, lab and office, conference rooms, video studio and control room and an adjoining horse barn. It features state-of-the-art educational technologies including classroom-to-operating suite interaction, real-time offsite collaboration, UHD/4K medical video capability, video production facilities, and an immersive classroom with panoramic video and Virtual Reality.

Awards Won:

  • 2019 Associated Builders and Contractors Rocky Mountain Excellence in Construction – Award of Merit
Encore Electric Technology Solutions CSU TMI Control Room

SSR Mining

Role: Encore Electric Technology Solutions worked closely with the consulting engineer and acted as project technology design assistant and integrator to enable smooth construction, commissioning, and technological operations.
 The customer specified they were interested in an easy-to-use wireless technology solution to fit seamlessly with their ultramodern office space.
How We Succeeded: We worked with the consultant on a solution that fit their requirements both in capability and design called Immersive wireless conferencing. This technology offers a really slick wireless design which debuted right in the middle of the pandemic. As a brand new to the market technology, we obtained samples to do proof of concept by mocking up a sample conference room for the customer to test drive. The technology package includes touch panels, wireless control systems and a single-point administrative device all which can provide future expansion with little effort. Because the Encore Electric Technology Solutions team is very agile and able to leverage our relationships with manufacturers, we can answer a call like this to dive in quickly with a steady hand. We often work directly with the owner; however, our competitive edge lies in our understanding of the construction process as an electrical specialty contractor who has expert knowledge of technology integration.

CYS04 Cheyenne Data Center

Role: Project technology consultant with mission to enable smooth construction, commissioning, and operational transition of the various integrated building control and monitoring systems which are essential for the operation of the facility.

Scope: Install all technology, building control and monitoring systems at a large data center facility for a large, well-known technology corporation.

How We Succeeded: The key to success was the integration of the multiple owner-procured and contractor-provided vendors, manufacturers, and installers. To allow this cross-coordination, we positioned ourselves pervasively through the design, construction, and commissioning process in order to gain a holistic perspective on the overall project and identified issues early.

UCHealth Hospitals

Role: Design guidance and construction management of a bundled technology package for two new hospitals, one orthopedic surgery center and one medical office building, concurrently designed and constructed with overlapping schedules. Our team focus was to provide cost and quality control, meet the fast-track schedules, limit the burden on the hospitals resources, and driving standardization, all while delivering the expectations of the integrated technology for the life cycle of the facilities.

Craig Hospital


Role: Encore Electric provided power for The Craig Hospital Addition & Renovation project and the Technology Solutions team provided the technology innovations for their patients. The construction project consisted of significant expansion and renovation to the existing Craig West facility as well as major site improvements. The Craig East facility was also renovated, limited to a few small areas. The new 89,000 sqft. expansion to Craig West consists of a horizontal addition to the north of the existing building and contains four levels of new occupied structure.

How we Succeeded: Working collaboratively, we explored the vision Craig Hospital had for their patients. Their ability to effectively convey their goals, allowed us to be innovative in the design and build adaptive, integrated technology controls into each patient room to enhance care so we could help empower their patients to be independent. Craig Hospital patients now have the ability to raise and lower their blinds, change the room temperature, adjust lighting, call for a nurse, and change the TV channel on their own, with one breath of air.

To learn more about this amazing project, click here to watch a video featuring some of the technology solutions.