Encore Electric’s Director of Technology Solutions Share Insight on Health Care Power Needs

October 29, 2018 – Lakewood, CO – It’s no surprise that technology has changed the landscape of Health CHealth Care Powerare, creating new opportunities for improved patient care as well as new challenges. As a result, construction partners are more important than ever when building and maintaining hospitals and Health Care facilities. Chris Cole, Encore Electric’s Director of Technology Solutions, shares his insight on Health Care construction in the October edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal, saying “with everything from hospital building automation systems to patient room environmental control systems becoming increasingly “smarter,” requirements to power and integrate modern Health Care power and instrumentation also are changing dramatically. Having a strategic approach in these technology-driven facilities is critical for success.”

This piece explores the importance of partnering with experienced specialty contractors when building health care facilities that continue to have a growing dependence on technology. Read the full article here.

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