Virtual Design and Construction

Information technology is an integral part of project planning and building maintenance. At Encore Electric, our BIM designers use the latest software and equipment for virtual design and construction modeling into the sixth dimension.

Our Innovative Use of BIM – Presenting MIB

Encore Electric’s innovative thinkers don’t follow, they lead. We’ve adapted BIM and coined the term MIB. By taking a new approach to an old process, we are “Modeling Information to Build®.” We feel this better represents our VDC department’s processes and capabilities. This approach gets each owner’s unique vision effectively into the hands of our craftsmen.

An electronic file allows everyone to visualize the end product, virtually walk through the building in 3-D and identify potential problems before construction begins. Since alternatives can be explored in real time, building design can be vastly improved while proactively controlling costs.

With every member of our construction team working on the same model, from early design through completion, any changes are automatically coordinated across the whole project. Accurate, synchronized information leads to fewer errors onsite for substantial savings of time and money. By building a better model today, we enhance and extend the life cycle of your building for tomorrow.

Our MIB Encompasses:

  •  PDF to DWG Conversion
  • Scanning tools for accurate modeling of existing systems
  • 2D – 6D Services for better scheduling and bidding
  • Narrated video walk-throughs for owners
  • Augmented Reality

Virtual Construction Solutions

Encore Electric steps out of the box by getting involved early and staying involved longer to offer better insight. We work with owners and Facilities Management staff to make sure our modeling truly reflects the facility’s needs. The coordination process is imperative to guide our craftsmen in coordinating the different systems being installed and a useful tool to aid in the success of our craftsmen. When the building is finished, Encore can help maintain your building through its entire life cycle by managing your post-construction data and models.

The advantages of Modeling Information include:

  • Better understanding for predicting problems and reducing risk
  • Higher efficiency
  • Increased integration and coordination onsite
  • Less waste due to errors
  • Better management throughout a building’s life-cycle