Team Members discuss How Encore Electric Helps them Work Safe Every Day

May 6, 2021 – Lakewood, Colo. – There are risks on every construction project. With hard work, a little patience and a lot of focus and determination, those risks can be mitigated. The men and women of Encore Electric put safety at the forefront of every job we step on every day, and this dedication to safety has earned us local and national recognition from our contractor peers and customers.

But just because we have received these accolades doesn’t mean the team is done. In fact, safety is a never-ending job, perhaps the most important job that we all face every day. By taking responsibility for the safety of ourselves and our teammates, we make sure that we all go home every day the same way we came to work. What can you do to be involved? First, continue to work safe on each and every project you are on. Next, keep an eye out for unsafe working conditions. Finally, take an extra minute to think through the hazards you may encounter when working on a job. Together, we can build a safer construction industry with our partners, customers, and teammates.

This week is Construction Safety Week, and we’re proud to stand alongside our fellow tradespeople in talking about how construction safety is job one, every time. Some members of our team recently had an opportunity to sound off on what safety means to them and what it means to Encore Electric – check out the video below!

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