Expertise, Safety, and Empathy Go Hand-in-Hand

October 10, 2023 – Lakewood, CO — Experience, dedication, mindfulness, and empathy describe the unique skill set of Encore Electric commercial electricians who show up every day to provide electrical service within a functioning medical campus. Not only does the Encore Electric team bring advanced electrical skills to the projects, but they also bring a sense of compassion and awareness to the people and environment around them.

commercial electrician

Nic Chavez, Encore Electric Project Lead

Encore Electric provides commercial electrical service for numerous facilities on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado to ensure all day-to-day electrical, technology, and energy needs are quickly and efficiently met. In addition to providing electrical service and electrical repair, the teams also have ongoing special projects across campus.

For one project, Encore Electric is remodeling a radiology reading room to create an imaging space within a busy emergency department (ED) at UCHealth CU Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion (AIP). Working in a confined space within a functioning hospital, Encore Electric commercial electricians must have their heads on a swivel at all times to avoid interfering with patient care while keeping safety top of mind in this complex environment.

Providing electrical service in this environment can be complicated because it includes constant activity from all directions. The knowledge and capability this team exhibits are unique and speak to the high level of patience required of them daily.

One person filling a critical role onsite with the team every day is Encore Electric Project Manager Felicia Taylor. It’s her job to ensure the team gets everything they need when they need it, be on the lookout for problems, and create solutions to help keep project schedules on track.

“Seeing how the team approaches their work every day and the patience and understanding they exhibit is something you’re not going to find just anywhere. I’ve watched this team start planning for the day only to learn there was an emergency, or the ED changed the schedule. I haven’t seen anyone get upset or frustrated and they certainly don’t send people home, there’s always something to do here. The team simply regroups and moves on. It says a lot about the Encore team and how they manage constant changes with professionalism, understanding, and care,” said Taylor.

Greg Olson, Encore Electric Foreman echoes this sentiment. “One thing I’ve noticed about these Encore projects teams is it’s unspoken that it does take a special kind of person to work in this environment. It takes someone who’s passionate about their work, caring for those around them, and concerned about who must deal with their work later too,” he said. This electrical service and special projects team exemplifies Encore Electric core values of People, Principle, Service, and Strength. They come to work each day with deep care for their coworkers, their industry, the hospital staff, and patients all while handling challenges with honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior. Running these complex projects with such care ensures we will continue to serve our customers, and our communities while strengthening the legacy of Encore Electric.

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