Scott to Use Construction Experience, Skills to Provide Strategic Advice, Relationship Building

June 20, 2023 – Lakewood, Colo. – Today, Encore Electric announces that David Scott has been named to the role of Construction Industry Advocate at Encore Electric. He will continue to work in the Lakewood, Colorado office.

Construction Industry Advocates at Encore Electric can be thought of as internal “consultants”. He will specialize in providing expert advice and guidance in his specific areas of expertise. Unlike external consultants, Scott works directly for the organization. His deep understanding of the culture, operations and goals of Encore Electric will assist him in providing great service to the men and women of Encore Electric.

David ScottIn this new role, Scott will be an externally facing HR and government affairs professional, and will help establish strong relationships with government officials, regulatory bodies, and industry associations. This will help the organization stay updated on relevant laws, regulations, and policies that may affect our organization.

“Putting the right information in the right hands at the right time is key to our shared success,” said David Scott.

“David is a dedicated professional and possesses a deep understanding of the construction industry, including its dynamics, challenges, and opportunities,” said Al Paxton, Chief People Officer. “This knowledge allows him to effectively represent and advocate for the industry’s interests, as he has a comprehensive grasp of its unique needs and priorities.”

This role is critical to the continued success of the Encore Electric team, which faces more challenges in the construction than ever before.

“David has been with Encore from its beginning. He has always been a passionate advocate for our people and our industry,” said Willis Wiedel, Chief Executive Officer. “He is a huge supporter of meritocracy and is committed to promoting a learning environment. Encore Electric is a major merit shop contractor in the areas that we work. The work that our employees do matters to them, their families, the customers, and the community. Our entire organization thrives on being included in leaving a positive footprint wherever we work. David understands this and cares about the careers and personal satisfaction of our people and their health, safety, and wellness.”

This position requires excellent networking skills to build and maintain relationships across the spectrum of Encore Electric stakeholders, both internal and external, and Scott is well-equipped to face this challenge. In this new position, he will collaborate closely with internal departments to ensure the alignment and integration of external strategies with Encore Electric business objectives.

“I love the people of Encore Electric and want to see them succeed personally, professionally, mentally and financially,” said Scott. “I am excited to work with both local and national legislators to establish relationships and ensure they know the value of the work Encore provides to the community.”

In addition to his role as Construction Industry Advocate, David Scott is on the national board of the Independent Electrical Contractors, is involved in the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain as Board President and Government Relations Chair, as well as giving his time to other organizations like Careers in Construction Colorado, the Associated General Contractors of Colorado, and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

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