Scott Brings Energy and Expertise to National Board Position

November 21, 2022 – Lakewood, CO
—David Scott has been named to serve as a member of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) National Board of Directors.

Founded in 1957, the IEC has been guided by their mission of advocating for the independent electrical industry while providing education and growing resources available to members to promote and recognize excellence in the industry.

Encore Electric has been involved with IEC on both the local and national levels for many years and has proudly partnered on many initiatives to improve the industry.

Having previously served on the IEC Rocky Mountain Chapter Board of Directors, Scott has many years of experience with the organization and has a wealth of knowledge that will be of value in his new position on the national board.

“In my years with Encore Electric, I have seen a lot of people develop as we have grown to serve our customer’s needs,” said Scott. “Encore Electric now performs work in four different states, meaning we now partner with five very different IEC Chapters. I have an opportunity to serve our employees because of a recent election to the IEC national board of directors, representing the Western Region. While employees may not notice a direct impact in their schooling, I will be working to find consistencies across chapters. It will take years to develop, and it is my hope that our employees will see a consistent IEC learning experience across chapters. I will continue to be a fierce advocate for the trades, and because of Encore Electric’s strength, this opportunity is on a larger scale. I thank Encore Electric for their support!”

“Over the years, David Scott has served in multiple leadership roles and contributed in innumerable and diverse ways as an advocate of the IEC Rocky Mountain Chapter, IEC National and the merit shop electrical industry,” said Marilyn Akers Stansbury, Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Chapter CEO. “David has provided career knowledge and industry experience to hundreds of contractor members, partners, aspiring leaders and apprentices. He has been an involved committee member, a panelist and presenter on leadership topics, a passionate chair of the government relations committee, and served as both president and vice president of the IECRM Board of Directors.”

A partner of five IEC chapters throughout the Rocky Mountain West, Encore Electric is eager for Scott to represent a regional perspective for the independent electrical industry on a national level.

“David Scott’s nomination to the IEC board of directors is a huge win, both for David and the board,” said Willis Wiedel, CEO of Encore Electric. “David’s unique energy and unmatched drive will equip him to make a meaningful impact on the independent electrical industry in his new position.”

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