Third Generation Family Member Joins the Encore Electric Team 

June 24, 2024Eagle, CO At Encore Electric, our team has worked to foster a culture and workplace where all of our people can thrive. A culture like this is worth sharing and has sparked many teammates to encourage their family members to begin their own careers at Encore Electric. Within the Encore Electric team, there are many sets of siblings, parents, and children. Earlier this year, Encore Electric celebrated a first: the addition of a third generation family member 

These three not only work for the same company, but on the same project, the Roaring Fork Transit Authority Expansion in Garfield County, Colorado. On the job, Eric Sanders, foreman, can pass down his knowledge of the trade directly to his daughter and grandson as they begin their careers as electricians.

Eric Sanders has been an Encore Electric teammate since 2007. Sanders has worked on both the electrical service and construction teams on projects throughout the Colorado mountains. Eric has always been passionate about his electrical career, eager to share stories and knowledge with his family including his daughter, Melissa Dillon. 

After years of Eric sharing his knowledge of the electrical trade and experience at Encore Electric with his daughter, Melissa joined Encore Electric as an apprentice in September of 2023. Dillon joined Encore Electric as an apprentice without prior experience in the trade, looking for a career change that would be sustainable and fulfilling, with the added bonus of spending extra time with her dad. 

“I really enjoy working with my family and am so thankful for us to work for such a great company,” said Melissa Dillon, apprentice. “I’ve watched my dad work as an electrician since I was in the 5th grade. I fell in love with the trade back then. I’ve been his helper for many years, so it’s cool I get to work right alongside him now that I chose to follow in his footsteps not just for the love for the trade, but because I wanted something that would be a great opportunity for growth and stability for years to come.” 

Within a few months of joining Encore Electric, Melissa and Eric were eager to recruit Melissa’s son, Daelen Che, as an electrical apprentice too.  

“I started at Encore Electric because as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed talking about and listening to my grandpa’s work stories,” said Daelen Che, first year apprentice. “Once I turned 18, I saw an ad for Encore Electric and just thought it would be amazing to work for such a great company. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get put on the same job site as my grandpa and mom. I love having the opportunity to work alongside with my family members. It truly is the best work experience I’ve had.”   

After his own successful career as an electrician, Sanders is excited for his family to experience some of the benefits that a career at Encore Electric can offer.  

“I want them to experience the longevity, opportunity, and benefits that come with a career at Encore Electric,” said Eric. “Encore has the whole package.” 

While these three family members are at different career and life stages, they have found Encore Electric to be a place where they can thrive. From mentorship and training resources, to challenging projects and the ability to explore multiple career paths, teammates can expect a career where they will be supported in their growth, regardless of their generation. 


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