We Wish Our Graduates a Bright Career in the Electrical Trade

May 25, 2022 – Lakewood, CO — “There is a light at the end of the tunnel because you installed it there,” Chris Shipp, superintendent. This is what Shipp told the first fourth-year class that he taught at IEC nearly eleven years ago.  

This spring, Encore Electric is celebrating 56 tradespeople graduating from an electrical apprenticeship program, lighting the way for their future in the electrical trade. Graduates should be proud of the commitment and dedication they demonstrated to complete the apprenticeship.  

Graduating from the apprenticeship program is no easy task. Apprentices work full-time while taking classes, gaining hands-on experience with the coursework. From math and computer courses to more advanced leadership and safety courses, apprentices graduate well prepared for the challenges they will face each day with a career in the electrical trade.   

“The beginning of your apprenticeship seemed like such an uphill climb,” said Paul Beery, superintendent. “You were expected to work 40-plus hours a week, as well as prepare, do homework, and attend a four-hour class one night a week. Four years seemed like such an eternity but then was over before you knew it. You are now ready to set out on the next journey of your career and use the knowledge that you have gained from both your instructors and your peers. You should be very proud of your accomplishment as someone who has finished what they started as very few do. You have chosen to make a career out of the electrical trade which carries a high level of fulfillment and pride.” 

“Graduates, congratulations on your impressive achievements and obtaining your goals,” said Josh Parker, foreman. “Hard work pays off and you all are proof of that. Good luck in your future and my hat is off to you all.” 

Now that they have completed their apprenticeship program, the graduates will continue on Encore Electric project teams across the Rocky Mountain region, with an eye toward taking their Journeyman Test.  

“There has never been a more exciting time to be in this trade,” said Superintendent Steve Young.  “Your leadership and forward thinking will stand out for years to come!” 

Encore Electric is eager to be able to support the future careers, education, and growth of this graduating class.  

“I have a passion for seeing all Encore electricians grow and succeed in their careers,” said Dave Van Stelle, Encore Electric training manager. “Our partnerships with IEC and CITC are the key to our apprentice’s success. Seeing these apprentices graduate from school is a big milestone in their careers. Congratulations to all this year’s graduates!” 

While graduates have completed their apprenticeship program, the opportunity to learn does not end for them now. Encore Electric takes pride in the opportunities for continuing education and career development that we provide our people. Through educational opportunities such as Encore University and the many leadership development opportunities across departments, the possibilities to continue their education and sharpen their skills in the electrical trade will help them become tradespeople who will thrive in the years to come.   

“Congratulations from a fellow graduate of IEC,” said Freehley Buster, Encore Electric manpower manager. “What a tremendous accomplishment, we appreciate all of your dedication and hard work, all of us at Encore are very proud of you.”  

Congratulations class of 2022, we look forward to seeing your electrical careers shine!   


Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain: 

  • Sam Aistrup 
  • Erik Carow  
  • Gareth Niles  
  • Kevin Settle  
  • Joel Trout 
  • Marco Borjas Castillo  
  • Marus Coston  
  • Ben Folia  
  • Gabriel Garcia  
  • Tyler Goff  
  • Lance Gonzales-Sisneros  
  • Daniel Kautzman 
  • Timothy Koons  
  • Brandon Marshall  
  • Gabriel Martinez 
  • Jesse Mendoza  
  • Alfred Navarro  
  • Jaggar Nichols  
  • Gregory Olson  
  • Angelo Pena  
  • Pedro Rodriguez Haro 
  • Carlos Rodriguez Maldonado  
  • Felicia Taylor
  • Thang Toihsa  


 Western Colorado Independent Electrical Contractors:

  • Joe Stevens 


Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Online: 

  • Daniel Alvarado  
  • Christopher Bowen  
  • Jesus Fernandez Morales  
  • Curtis Haugsdal  
  • Dain Kahn  
  • Joshua Kennemer  
  • Leland Kolson 
  • Alejandro Melendez   
  • Aderliy Mercado  
  • Jason Miller  
  • Joshua Phillips 
  • Michael Pirigyi  
  • Steve Sanchez 
  • Kris Smith  
  • Nick Szydlowski  
  • Matthew Tanner  
  • Nicholas Tuhoski  
  • Kyle Turay   
  • Trent Vibbard 
  • Mitchell Watkins  


Independent Electrical Contractors Southern Colorado:

  • Andreana Aio  
  • Andrew Bennett  
  • Antonio Santana  
  • Rick Allsbrook  
  • Marco Cordova  
  • Austin Flores   
  • Dennis Hughes  
  • Matthew Lasley  
  • Greg Vigil  


Construction Industry Training Council (CITC): 

  • Hugo Aguilar 


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