(Apprentices) bring life, accountability, and growth to our company.” 

November 14, 2022 – Lakewood, CO — Apprentices are the future of the electrical industry. During this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, November 14 to 20, Encore Electric celebrates our apprentices and supports national awareness and celebrations of apprentices. 

Our apprentices are at the heart of the work we do each day. Encore Electric eagerly celebrates our apprentices this week, and every week, as the future leaders of the industry beginning their electrical careers. 

Our apprentices are perhaps our most important asset, the future of Encore,” said Director of Project Resources Scott Nelson. “Much of the Encore Electric leadership came up through the electrical apprenticeship program and this experience has helped to mold us into who we are as an organization. Work-based learning is a game changer and when our apprentices invest in themselves as much as Encore Electric does into their apprenticeship, it’s amazing to see the next generation of leaders emerge and we all come out better than we were before, securing the legacy of Encore Electric.” 

Encore Electric strives to create an environment where apprentices can thrive. From supporting them through school and providing educational opportunities through Encore University, to fostering project teams that will empower apprentices to be their best, we arm our apprentices with the tools they need to achieve successful and fulfilling careers.  

“I love being around people who want you to succeed,” said Kailey Lucky, seventh period apprentice. “I’ve never felt like I couldn’t ask a question and I like the fact that you can figure things out on your own. I have met the most incredible people throughout my career with Encore Electric and I cherish all the friendships that I’ve made along the way. If you like working with your hands and want to see all your hard work pay off, you should absolutely become an apprentice. The only thing I regret is not starting right out of high school!” 

National Apprenticeship Week

“Apprentices are Encore’s greatest tool,” said Encore Electric Foreman Cody Vincent. “They bring life, accountability, and growth to our company. We need to cherish them. We need to guide them into the teachers we want to be and the teachers we wished we had. We need to recognize that the people working for us can be our greatest resource now and should be in the future.“ 

Apprenticeship provides so many unique opportunities that you cannot find through other career or educational paths. Apprentices receive hands-on training and mentorship while on the jobsite, learning as they go and contributing meaningful work to their projects from day one.  

At Encore Electric, we aim to celebrate and support our apprentices every day to help them to grow into the professionals that will one day be leading the industry. We recognize that they are the future of our legacy organization and look forward to seeing all the paths that their apprenticeship leads them. 

“I am super grateful for what the apprenticeship did for me,” said Vincent. “I am also super grateful for my apprentices, and the services the apprentices provide.” 

An electrical apprenticeship can lead to endless opportunities. If you are interested in an apprenticeship with Encore Electric, click here

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