August 23, 2022 – Lakewood, CO — Last week, Encore Electric CIO Jeff Cann was named a finalist at the Colorado CIO ORBIE Awards, honoring the leadership and innovation that he brings to technology in the construction industry.   

The CIO ORBIE Awards have been celebrated across the nation for over twenty years, with the goal of connecting, recognizing, and inspiring those who work in technology. Recognizing thought leaders and empowering those in the technology industry to connect allows for growth together for the betterment of all. This is the third year that the Colorado CIO ORBIE Awards, supported by the Denver Business Journal, have taken place in Colorado celebrating the best CIOs in the state.   

As the first chief information officer of Encore Electric, Cann has been instrumental in developing and creating Encore Electric’s information technology infrastructure, paving the way for the organization to be a leader in construction technology. 

“It is an honor to be a named finalist for the 2022 Colorado CIO of the Year awards,” said Cann. “It reflects the hard work and dedication of Encore’s Information Technology team, partnered with all Encore Electric teammates, to ensure technology projects are successful!  This is one of Encore’s strengths and I am grateful for everyone’s partnership, participation, and support.”  

Cann was listed among a highly esteemed group of CIOs from many industries such as health care, construction, entertainment and more. Several CIOs from Encore Electric customers were finalists, as well, including CIOs from Hensel Phelps, Children’s Hospital, Vail Health and Swedish Hospital. 

Also in attendance at the event were Jeff’s family, team members and colleagues, all eagerly celebrating Cann’s recognition as a top Colorado CIO.   

“Jeff had the mindset that the honor was to be nominated and special to rise to finalist,” said Emilyanne Marrs-Cann, wife of Jeff Cann. “Jeff is driven to serve, teach, guide, and lead. He really makes a difference in people’s lives.”  

“I’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years, from Fortune 10 technology companies to non-profits,” said Encore Electric IT Manager Kevin Gaines. “Without a doubt, Jeff is the greatest leader I have ever worked with. What sets Jeff apart is his genuine concern for the wellbeing of those he leads. He and I have had many conversations on the importance of relationships within leadership. I have had the pleasure of saying “I love my job” every day for the last seven years, and Jeff is at the core of that statement. 

Cann views and lives his leadership as an opportunity to empower people through building trust. He encourages teams to take risks and step out of their comfort zones, taking Encore Electric projects to the next level to serve our customers. Having built a technology infrastructure that Encore Electric teams can rely on, Jeff has set Encore Electric projects up for success.  

Throughout his time at Encore Electric Cann has been a mentor and friend of many team members, supporting everyone he engages with to be their best.   

“Being named a finalist for the ORBIE awards was a wonderful recognition of Jeff’s exceptional leadership” said Heather Ruddy, compliance and information governance risk manager. “Jeff is a leader across the Encore organization, providing mentoring, advice, and a supportive ear to many colleagues. For me personally, Jeff has become a trusted mentor, advisor, and friend and he has helped me grow as a manager and professional here at Encore.”  

“It was wonderful to see Jeff recognized by his peers,” said Lois Barnes, project manager. “He exemplifies the characteristics and qualities considered for candidates of this prestigious award. Jeff has always encouraged and supported me to stretch my potential as a project manager and as an Encore employee overall. I am very grateful for his mentorship.”  

Jeff embodies the One Encore concept, always striving to set the collective up for success through innovation and collaboration.   

“Jeff opened our eyes and helped us understand technology with upgrades and additions to our infrastructure,” said Encore Electric President Willis Wiedel. “Jeff’s diligence in implementing technology and systems protects our assets, employees, and customers, while providing experiences they cannot find anywhere else. For him, it’s about serving others.” 

Congratulations Jeff! 

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