Prioritizing People and Fueling Growth

March 7, 2024 – Lakewood, CO –  Encore Electric was recently awarded the 2024 D&I Champion of the Year by Advancing Prefabrication in recognition of the effort teammates put toward building a culture of care. Advancing Prefabrication is a conference series dedicated to connecting construction professionals in the prefabrication and modular industry.

“Knowing I am part of a team of great people who are the reason Encore won this award was an amazing feeling”, said Jaziel Maugaotega, Encore Electric apprentice. “A bunch of people came up to me after we won and made me feel important. Feeling seen and knowing that we made a difference in a positive way means a lot to me.”

Encore Electric has found success by fostering a culture of care. Teammates work together to build and nurture a strong foundation for success that is entirely based on the people who bring the business to life.

“The culture at Encore Electric is about teaching so I can learn with my teammates and have shared experiences,” said Kellie Marquart, Encore Electric welder and fabricator. “This is a safe place for me to learn and grow because we bring each other up and have grace and mercy in knowing we’re all human.”

The heart of Encore Electric is its people. The company focuses on the growth and development of its employees through various initiatives. These include town hall meetings, a review process that encourages feedback from all levels of the organization, and Encore University. Encore University is a vital part of the company’s culture, which supports individual and organizational learning, knowledge, and career advancement. Additionally, Encore Electric offers numerous engagement opportunities to promote teamwork and camaraderie, such as volunteer programs, employee appreciation events, and awareness programs for students interested in the trades.

Encore Electric Prioritizes Culture of Care

“The company is like a family, they treat me like a person. It makes everyone want to work because they are approachable”, said Tej Khanal, Encore Electric prefabrication supervisor. “There are good opportunities to grow, what I can do is unlimited as I gain experience and knowledge. I’ve learned that if you give 100% of your time and effort, the company will help and do their part too.”

Encore Electric employees are an integral part of the communities where they live and work and play a crucial role in building engagement and supporting community initiatives. This engagement brings awareness about Encore Electric and the trades to help the company welcome hard-working individuals from anywhere who are dedicated to learning and contributing to a culture of care.

“In high school, I had a basic welding class and found I really liked it”, said Ella Smith, Encore Electric welding apprentice. “I didn’t know much when I came in. Everyone here is super awesome, helpful, and patient and the team around me is willing to help me learn.”

Employees at Encore Electric are committed to nurturing the company’s culture and act as industry stewards. They understand the key to success is not just what the company does, but how it is done and the people who show up each day to support one another.

“Celebrating the diversity and inclusion of our amazing Prefab team means so much to all of us”, said Christine Romero, chief of staff. “Sam [Hamilton] has embraced all of our unique qualities and created a truly amazing team where everyone belongs. I am so proud to work for such a great organization that offers amazing opportunities and growth for all.”

A culture of care means acknowledging that each individual brings their unique experiences to the collective story that is Encore Electric.

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