Project Teams Recognized by Industry Partners for Quality and Dedication 

October 19, 2022Lakewood, CO Last week, Encore Electric projects and teammates earned local and national recognition from multiple industry partners. The Independent Electrical Contractors and general contractor Mortenson Construction recognized Encore Electric projects and teammates for outstanding quality and partnership. 

Pikes Peak Summit House

Pikes Peak Summit House, IEC National Excellence in Construction Commercial Electrical $5-$7 Million 

Pikes Peak Summit House, a project that has become a favorite of the community and within Encore Electric, won the National IEC Excellence in Construction Award in the electrical, $5 million to $7 million category.  

This award-winning project has served as a backdrop for locals to gather and enjoy the beauty that Colorado Springs and the surrounding mountains have to offer. Creating an oasis for visitors to gather on top of the mountain was no easy task, with the project’s location and extreme elevation presenting challenges for the Encore Electric project team from start to finish. From navigating how to bring project materials to the jobsite to teammates adjusting to their physical capacity being reduced to 50% what it is at standard elevation, Encore Electric took each obstacle in stride. 

“The leadership and planning of Steve Young, superintendent, on the mountain was impressive,” said John Snyder, project manager. “The entire team had to adapt to constantly changing weather and an intense drive to the jobsite. We regularly had to leave the mountain for weather-related reasons, from lightning and wind in the summer to snow and wind from fall through late spring. These obstacles interrupted our consistent workflow, and it was sometimes weeks between workdays. The entire team did an amazing job of keeping moral high and always picking right back up where they had left off.” 

“Pikes Peak Summit House challenged our team physically and logistically,” said Southern Colorado Business Unit Leader JR Bond. “Challenging projects like this are where our teams thrive, allowing us to demonstrate our high level of skill and innovation. We are proud of our work on Pikes Peak and honored to be recognized at this level.”  

The unique challenges of the Pikes Peak project allowed Encore Electric to put our innovation to work, creating a project our team is proud of that will host visitors of this iconic site for years to come.  

Emily Griffith (EGOS) Hotel, Mortenson Construction Committed Business Partner STAR Award 

In addition to recognition from partners in the electrical trade, Encore Electric was recognized by general contractor Mortenson Construction at the 16th annual Mortenson STAR Awards for our work and partnership on the Emily Griffith (EGOS) Hotel. The above and beyond efforts of this project team earned Encore Electric the 2022 Committed Business Partner STAR Award, an award presented to trade teams with outstanding dedication to supporting the general contractor and their projects. 

“This award represents the level of commitment that we have to our relationship with Mortenson,” said Encore Electric Vice President Scott Larson. “We have successfully completed many projects alongside Mortenson, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them for years to come.” 

Congratulations to our project teams for the outstanding work they do each day and thank you to our industry partners for the recognition of our projects and teams.  

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