Team Wins First Place at Willis Towers Watson AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards  

April 10, 2023 – Lakewood, CO — Encore Electric proudly celebrates being recognized as a 2022 Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA) first place winner! The Willis Towers Watson Associated General Contractors (AGC) Construction Safety Excellence Awards are an opportunity for AGC members from across the country to gather to share successes and challenges while demonstrating their dedication to safety.  

CSEA award winners are selected based on their management commitment, employee participation, training, hazard identification and control, and program innovation pertaining to safety. After submitting an application to provide evidence about the safety infrastructure within an organization, companies gather at the AGC National convention for final oral presentations to speak to their dedication to safety.  

A small group of electricians, safety professionals, and leaders from Encore Electric gathered at the convention for a final presentation, telling their stories of who inspires them to work safely and sharing the legacy of safety at Encore Electric. Following the presentations, Encore Electric was named first place winner in the Specialty Contractors, 1-2 Million work hours division.    

“This accomplishment is a testament to the hard work our people do day after day, project after project,” said Director of Health and Safety Mike Callison. “We earned this recognition thanks to the care and effort our employees put in to looking out for one another each day.”  

CSEA Awards

At Encore Electric, everything we do is for the safety of all our people, our employees, trade partners, and customers. Safety is the most important part of the culture at Encore Electric, and something that we keep in mind before setting foot on a project.  

“My career in the electrical trade began by watching my father become an influential leader as an electrician that changed the behaviors of so many people,” said Michael Finch, superintendent. “To me he was the epitome of what it meant to be a leader. He taught me that safety is a mindset, a decision you make every second of every day. To this day I look for ways to inspire this mindset in others and set an example. This is my contribution to the legacy of Encore Electric.”  

Regardless of position, experience level, or background, safety must be a top priority of all teammates at Encore Electric. With a united approach to safety, the team has created an environment that has steered the company’s legacy and established Encore Electric as a safety leader in the construction industry.  

“As I have moved into a leadership role, I am made proud daily by the field employees when they exemplify their culture,” said Foreman Cody Vincent. “I see them identify hazards and they know how to prioritize hazards. I see them hold each other accountable. I see them use practical thinking when they see a safety hazard. I see them respecting anyone’s safety concern and using that to better the jobsite for all. Most importantly I see them actively implementing safety culture to those that they are already teaching.” 

“The entire Encore Electric team has once again shown how much they value themselves, their teammates, and the great work they do, by having another incredible year when it comes to safety,” said Marlin Linder, executive vice president. “As we prepared the written portion and for the in-person competition for this year’s CSEA awards, I look back and marvel at how easy it was to write and talk about the amazing people that work in this organization and what they do for one another every single day. It is very clear that the culture at Encore Electric is about looking out for and taking care of one another while each of us holding ourselves to a high safety standard. Congratulations to all our Encore Electric teammates, each and every one of you contributed to this outstanding industry recognition. Let’s keep it up and do it again next year!” 

Thank you to all Encore Electric teammates for your dedication and commitment to safety, and congratulations on this accomplishment!  

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