October 11, 2017 – Denver, CO — [updated] Encore Electric received a call from Families First with a request to assist with lighting needs at their main office location and community building.  On Saturday, October 7, a team of ten Encore Electric employees helped by replacing older, less efficient fixtures.

Not only was it an opportunity to assist the organization by providing electrical expertise, licensed electricians Bob Friedel, Freehley Buster and Jason Becker used the opportunity to teach fellow Encore Electric employees Lynn Hollibaugh, Christine Nevarez, Jenna Brunett, Dora Harrell and Meg VanderLaan how to properly and safely change out the fixtures.   New fixtures were selected and purchased by Jeffrey Engelstad (not pictured) prior to the volunteer day.

Although only ten years old, the fixtures were not as energy efficient, and each required special bulbs that needed frequent replacement at a cost of $15 to $20 for each bulb.

Jenna Brunett, Risk Management Analyst and In-House Counsel at Encore Electric and member of the Community Relations Team organized the opportunity. “I’m thankful to work with people who are willing to give up their Saturday morning to help others,” she said.

“In all of my years of working at Encore, I have found that volunteering is truly one of my favorite things to do,” said Christine Nevarez, Encore Electric Executive Assistant and Office Manager.  “Encore’s true giving spirit is shown in all of the ways we give to the community, and the opportunity given to us to be part of this allows us to get to know others that work in the company on a deeper level.”

“I’ll take any chance I have to use the skills learned at Encore Electric for something good, I’m definitely going to do it, especially for an organization of this size that really needs the help,” said Freehley Buster, Manpower Coordinator at Encore Electric. “Also, I had a chance to work with a mix of people and interact with others I have not worked with day-to-day.  I think it creates a bond and makes the company stronger.”

Families First Colorado works to prevent the abuse and neglect of children by providing education, family support, and treatment.  Joe Hanlin of Haselden Construction serves on the board of directors and was assisting a Boy Scout troop working outside of the facility at the same time.  Joe stressed the organizations mission to stop the cycle of abuse helps more than 3,000 families in the Denver area.  Volunteers help them focus on their mission.

“Because Encore Electric is helping today, we are taking the money that we would have used to fix the expensive fixtures and now we can spend it on the kids or use it for parenting and education classes,” Hanlin said.

Encore Electric previously replaced outlets in the Families First treatment center and helped bring the center up to code to ensure safe operation.

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