Celebrating the 25th Annual Women in Construction Week 

March 10, 2023 – Lakewood, CO — At Encore Electric, we work to celebrate the women on our teams this week and every week. Whether they are leaders in the field or crucial support service staff, the women of Encore Electric bring perspective and experience that are key to our successes.   

This week, the construction industry celebrates the 25th annual Women in Construction Week, a week of recognition for women who are dedicating their careers to the trades. Originally established by the National Association of Women in Construction to connect and amplify the voices of women, the week is now recognized on a national level throughout the construction industry.   

By highlighting the stories and achievements of the women on our teams today, we hope to inspire future generations of women in construction, continuing to invite them onto our projects and into the field where they can find success. 

“A career in construction is the path to stability, security, and independence,” said Foreman Emily McCurley. “No matter what happens in your life, no matter what happens in the economy, you have a very valuable skill that you can take anywhere in the world and provide a good life for yourself and your family. It’s always something new and exciting when you start a new project. I love driving around town seeing all the different places I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. You’re bringing someone’s dream to life when you build a building or a home.” 

As the next generation of leaders in construction are forged, Encore Electric hopes to demonstrate that a career in construction can be exciting and fulfilling and will look different for everyone.  

“Illustrating that construction is not only boots on the ground in the field, but the various supporting roles in the office offering many different paths to success,” said Darlene Martin, business development coordinator. “There are endless opportunities that this industry provides and the growth for woman to be a part of it is only expanding, and it is incredible!” 

women in construction
women in construction

In an effort to inspire future generations of women in construction, Encore Electric works to engage with community partners through recruiting events, our mobile escape room, partnering with Transportation & Construction GIRL and others to make beginning a career or exploring an interest in construction accessible to girls and women in our communities.  

Encore Electric Project Manager Felicia Taylor is a regular volunteer at such events, serving as a mentor to encourage driven and skilled women like herself to enter the construction industry.  

“Growing up, I was given the invaluable chance to witness brilliant, strong, and talented women navigate life and careers, beating all the odds against them,” said Taylor. “Just like taking a ship through a storm, navigation doesn’t ensure smooth sailing; it solely ensures a direction forward. I knew the road I was navigating would be difficult; I just never knew it would take me to such a fulfilling career where I can exhibit my talents in every facet of my job. Construction has provided me with countless opportunities to display my own strength while witnessing the tangible fruits of my labor. Every job and position I have held in my working life led me to this career. I am grateful for my mentors and everyone who saw potential in me, for encouraging me that no matter my gender or how I looked, I always had a seat at the table.”  

The women on our teams came to the construction industry from all different backgrounds and paths, all united by the fact that they are inspired by the industry and being part of building the world around them to being a better place. They help us be the best and build the best in All Things Power, Technology, and Energy. 

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