Estimators have an important role at Encore Electric, designing electrical systems for cost analysis

April 19, 2018 – Lakewood, CO — At Encore Electric, like any other successful business, there are many ways to become a leader. Several executives at Encore Electric started as estimators. To say that estimators are a vital part of making Encore Electric effective, efficient and profitable would be an understatement.

Estimators design electrical systems, including lighting, power and more, for a complete cost analysis on paper. But really they do much more than that. They might plan and strategize with their team and with the preconstruction team about how to put together a successful estimate, help with proposal writing or project interviews, work on a site to find items that will effect pricing and much more.

Estimator Encore Electric

Estimators become estimators because they like the opportunity to take on a completely new challenge in the electrical construction field.

While estimators spend their days doing various things related to projects, there is a skill set that is common to each of them. Estimators need to be organized and detail-oriented, while being able to figure out what the important items are in the bigger picture of a project.

Being a self-starter is also an important skill to have, says Gavin Geier, a member of the preconstruction team.

“As you progress, you will be expected to take ownership of all things you do,” he said. “Being an estimator is very demanding. There are days you will spend well over 12 hours trying to get a project completed. It is important for a new estimator to understand this and realize what is expected.”

Taking full ownership of a project at the very beginning is one of the key ways that estimators at Encore Electric help contribute to the thoroughness, quality and profitability of the business.

“Our job is to become an expert of the building,” said Stephen Schwengel. “It’s not easy. You have to be ready to learn for a while, even if you are already a journeyman electrician. Humility and patience are a must.”

Estimators come from every area of the electrical industry, but nearly all of them got their start working in the field. It’s not uncommon for an estimator to spend time in the apprenticeship, work in the field for a few years and then apply to become an estimator. In fact, the expertise that an electrician can get from the field is vital to being a good estimator.

“I started as a first year apprentice electrician for Encore,” said Joe McAleer. “As I was working towards my journeyman’s license, I heard there was an opening for an estimator from a friend. So I applied for that position and was able to get it. Three days after getting my journeyman’s license, I made the transition into the office.”

Estimators get to work on all different types of projects, and aren’t working on just one project for weeks or months at a time. In that way, it is good for people who love variety and solving complex electrical and pricing problems. In fact, estimators at Encore Electric are called on to become experts in many different areas of the electrical trade.

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