New Technology Will Allow for Seamless Experience for Staff and Guests 

May 20, 2024 – Lakewood, CO — At Foothills Golf Course in Denver, Colorado the Encore Electric Technology Solutions team has been part of the project team building a new clubhouse on the course, equipped with modern technology and comforts for the ultimate golfing experience. Foothills new clubhouse is equipped with a club room, golf simulator, club store, restaurant and bar, and more. Encore Electric Technology Solutions teammates designed and installed the telecom and AV technology for the clubhouse, with the goal of creating a technology experience that will be easy for staff to use and for golfers to enjoy.  

“We really take into account the hospitality we want guests to experience when they’re at the clubhouse,” said senior project manager Justin Litzo. “When staff and guests of the clubhouse interact with the technology, we want the experience to be seamless.” 

The Technology Solutions team carefully designed the technology in a way that would be hidden from the guests’ view to not distract from the building’s grand design. The infrastructure powering the telecom and AV technology was built behind the vaulted, wood ceilings with conduit containing telecom and speaker cabling run under the steep, metal roof in weatherproof boxes. Additional cables and audio equipment are run underground in the basement to remove as many cords and wires powering the technology as possible from the main entertainment spaces in the clubhouse. To accommodate the vaulted ceiling design, the team strategically placed speakers throughout the clubhouse foyer to maximize the sound quality and prevent echoing in the uniquely shaped room.   

Part of the challenge of this project was the late addition of the AV scope and other technology needs. The Technology Solutions preconstruction team was able to work around what had already been built to make these additions to the AV infrastructure, making the technology accessible from every building on the course. 

“The real challenge with this project was the late addition of the AV scope with less than 4 months to go before turnover to the owner,” said Luke Edwards, Technology Solutions preconstruction manager. “We were first contracted to do the Data Cabling/Telecom portion in September and were over 50% done with that scope by the time the AV conversation heated up in mid-December. There was also scope that was not present in the baseline design that needed to be added very late in the game, including getting data cable to the Starter Shack, where they call people up for their tee-time, and the Maintenance Building where we needed to add speakers so that people could hear their names called while hitting balls at the driving range. I’m always grateful to have a control platform that is scalable because it makes adding additional audio zones to the baseline design really simple and straightforward. We also made a change where we integrated their telephone system into the AV system so that all pages throughout the buildings can be made from any phone. There’s nothing worse than having to tell a customer that we can’t do something because the base design won’t support it; in this case, we were able to make a lot of small changes and adds to the project because this particular AV control platform is infinitely scalable. I’m really proud of what we pulled off in a such a short timeframe and the overall quality of the work and the system is outstanding.” 

For easy accessibility to staff, audio and TV touch control panels are located throughout the clubhouse, so no matter where they are in the building there is an accessible control panel to change a channel or adjust the volume based on the golfer’s entertainment preferences. The touch control panels were designed with app-like icons representing each room throughout the building, so users can smoothly navigate to the controls of each room. 

“With hundreds of possibilities with Foothills Golf Course, my goal was to simplify user controls while still optimizing functions and available options,” said Oliver Morrisette, Technology Solutions systems specialist. “With end users so used to how their smart phone apps work, I try my best to mirror that experience. I gave colorful cartoonish icons with a golfing theme to feel and look fully customized and tailored for the user and application of the facility. In the end we accomplished our goals and won over client satisfaction, which is the most rewarding return collectively.” 

The Technology Solutions team closely collaborated with project partners throughout the construction process to ensure seamless integration of the technology systems at the final stages. This proactive approach enabled them to connect their technology to power while construction was still underway, embedding the technology into the building.  

“It was interesting to see a unique build like this come together,” said Damien McConnell, senior technician. “Everything had a specific use and place. The finished build looks really nice on the course.” 

Telecom and audiovisual infrastructure play pivotal roles in creating a rich entertainment atmosphere, especially in venues like the Foothills Golf Course Clubhouse. With a focus on custom designs and controls, the Encore Electric Technology Solutions team can create unique projects that showcase our strengths and provide an innovative final product for customers to enjoy. 

Through careful design and close collaboration with the Foothills Golf Course, the new clubhouse now serves as the course’s ultimate lounge space, blending technology, sports, and wooden architecture beloved by Coloradans. The clubhouse is now open to the public, just in time for the spring season to tee off. 


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