Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing Programs Aim to Connect and Bond Local Veterans  

March 21, 2022 – Lakewood, CO Finding fulfillment and camaraderie after a career in the military is no easy task. Bonds built tied together by such a clear purpose are hard to find, but necessary to thrive. Thanks to organizations like Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing (PRVFF), veterans in the Cheyenne and Northern Colorado area have a community they can lean on to meet these needs.   

Lead by volunteers, PRVFF offers local veterans an opportunity to connect through fly fishing, offering fly fishing trips and classes, casting, tying and rod building classes to veterans at no cost. Driving the organization’s work is the hope to build connection and community for veterans through a new hobby.  

“The socialization and camaraderie of the classes are just as important as the fishing outings and provide a social and skills-based activity. It’s very therapeutic for many of the veterans, including myself,” said John Downey, senior health and safety specialist. 

After hearing about the organization from Joe Muzy, retired senior safety specialist, Downey got in contact with members of PRVFF to connect Encore Electric with the opportunity to support the organization through sponsoring their annual banquet this weekend. The banquet is an opportunity for those involved in the organization to gather and raise funds to help support the costs of programs throughout the year.  

Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing has a motto: “Water Holds No Scars”. This statement holds great meaning in the fly-fishing community, referencing the healing and therapeutic gifts that can be found on the water.  

Activities hosted by the organization are meant to serve as an opportunity for veterans to connect with individuals with similar values and pasts. Opportunities like these can be hard for veterans to find when they return from their career of service.   

“For a lot of people, the camaraderie and bonds you make in the military, it’s thought you can’t find that again,” says Encore Electric Chief People Officer Al Paxton.   

Finding purpose, connection, and community is necessary to thrive, especially after leaving a career as incomparable as the military, why supporting organizations such as Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing is so important.   

“It’s crucial to understand why you are doing what you’re doing. Find a worthy purpose and you will be a valuable part of the team, contributing somewhere you are wanted. That’s what gets you to a place where you can thrive and grow,” said Paxton. 

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