Uptime Experts

Our Service Division provides 24/7 responsiveness with a team of highly trained electricians and 30+ service vans.

Trusted Service

We have over 30 years and $2 billion of project experience to drive success of large and small electrical projects across mission critical facilities.

Technology Integration

We bring specialized expertise for your facility upgrades such as LED lighting, smart systems, security systems and more.

Best Value

We deliver unsurpassed quality at a fair value every time.

The Encore Electric craftsmen on each hopsital project are Healthcare Certified and undergo thorough training at our in-house training arm, Encore University.

Hear from our Partners

“Quality, trust, and relationships are important to us. That's why Encore is our 'go to' partner.”

-Mike Edwards, Director of Facilities Management, Parker Adventist Hospital

Hear from our Partners

“The professionalism and quality of work provided by your team has exceeded my expectations.”

Antonio Ruiz, Project Executive, University of Colorado Hospital

Hear from our team

"Our core clients have electrical systems that require the type of maintenance expertise only available through the best technical workers in the industry. Those are the people we employ."

Randy Sewald, Service and Special Projects Director, Encore Electric

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