Avon, CO — The Mountain Division of Encore Electric is proud to announce that it was named a Gold Leader of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) Environmental Leadership Program, at a ceremony held on October 9, 2018 at Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale. According to the CDPHE, the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program is about “creating partnerships among businesses, government and organizations to foster good relationships, reward environmental performance and create a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable Colorado.”

Liz Bankert, project accountant for Encore Electric in Avon, led the team that pulled the information together and ensured compliance.

“To achieve this recognition, we have implemented a ‘triple bottom line’ approach to our operation,” Bankert said. “It broadens our focus on the financial bottom line to include ethical and environmental considerations. We have been making improvements that help the environment and our people/community in a way that doesn’t affect or in some cases is beneficial to our margin. For example, putting paper in the recycling bin helps us recycle more and is a no-cost impact to Encore.”

Those actions taken by the Avon office have a measurable impact.

In 2017, the office recognized:

  • Water Savings – 2,606 gallons
  • Electrical Usage Savings – 14,811.67 kWh hours reduced from 2016
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduced in 2017 – 19,010 pounds due to reduced electrical usage
  • Pounds Recycled in 2017 – 821.43 (mostly paper)
  • Commitment to using only recycled paper 30% minimum

“This acceptance was accomplished with the hard work, stewardship and belief of Liz to help us all understand that we all can help our communities with sustainability efforts,” said Pete Palmgren, director of the Mountain business unit for Encore Electric. “In the true nature of sustainability, this was accomplished without impacts to the company.”

“The ELP is a way for others to know that we have been through an audit and are thoroughly vetted by the state,” Bankert said. “The program adds integrity and credence to our commitment of sustainability.”

About Encore Electric: Founded in 2003, Encore Electric, Inc. was established to serve clients in the Rocky Mountain West to address complex and technical projects for developers and top consumer brands with electrical construction, technology solutions and maintenance services. Recognized for safety, design and quality by industry organizations and customers, Encore credits the talent and work ethic of its more than 850 team members. Encore Electric is a privately held, employee-owned company based in Lakewood, Colorado. For more information, visit www.encoreelectric.com.