Encore Electric Installs Power and Security in New Facilities 

April 17, 2024 – Laramie, WY — As educational institutions adapt to the evolving needs of modern students, the spaces where students live, eat, and study are also evolving. College dormitories and dining areas are no longer just functional spaces; they now serve as vibrant hubs promoting community and connection on campus. New University of Wyoming Residence Halls and Dining Facility are springing up in Laramie – and the Encore Electric team is at the lead of the projects. 

Encore Electric has partnered with general contractor JE Dunn and the University of Wyoming to build a new 950-bed residence hall and 850-person dining center to replace a portion of the university’s current housing from the 1960s. The architectural design of the new buildings will showcase a grand, sandstone exterior reminiscent of the campus’s original structures.  

While the exterior of the buildings brings the campus’s history to life, the electrical infrastructure and technology of the new housing will bring the students to the present day. Equipped with new lighting and system controls, updated security to improve campus safety, and a modern, two-story dining hall with commercial kitchen technology, the new housing is designed to elevate the University of Wyoming’s student living experience.  

In addition to the updated electrical infrastructure, the new residence halls are strategically located in the heart of the University of Wyoming campus. By bringing first-year housing closer to the core of campus life, students will have increased access to community-building opportunities and the ability to connect with their peers. Both the design and location of these residence halls create more gathering spaces, enhancing students’ ability to build meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging within the university community and culture. 

Encore Electric Project Engineer Intern and University of Wyoming student Zak Bailey shared his perspective on how the new residence halls’ prime location will impact student life on campus. 

“I have been working as a Project Engineer Intern for Encore Electric at the University of Wyoming Student Housing Project since October of 2023. As a student and a member of the construction team, I have been able to see firsthand how large of an impact this project will have on campus life,” said Bailey. “The existing University of Wyoming residence halls and dining hall are located on the East side of campus which makes for long cold walks to and from class in the winter months and discourages students from walking to the Washakie Center and existing residence halls. The location of the new halls provides quick access for all students to grab food in between classes, to the Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center, the Wyoming Union Building, and a bus stop that provides transportation around campus and to a few destinations in Laramie. Students are eager for this project to be completed so they can take advantage of the new facilities.” 

Students, university staff, and Wyomingites alike are eager for this project to be in progress. Not only is the new housing a major project for the city of Laramie, but across Wyoming as state representatives share their support for the project.   

“This is a big deal for us,” said Eric Webb, University of Wyoming Vice President for Business Enterprises. “These two halls coming up at once are the largest, single construction project in the city of Laramie. The architecture and detail on this project are comparable to residence halls at some of the top universities in the country.”  

“One of the things that is really unique about this project is that it was a legislative housing task force that was put together to come up with this concept and push it forward,” said University of Wyoming Director of Housing Kim Zafft. “This is the only four-year institution in the state, every one of our legislators has some connection to this campus, so we have the luxury of having a legislature that is really passionate about the University of Wyoming.”  

Understanding the community’s investment into the impact the new University of Wyoming residence halls and dining facility will have on students for years to come is one of many exciting parts of this project for the Encore Electric team, and something that drives them each day on this major project. 

“Overall, building a major project that will impact so many UW students is a challenging, yet rewarding experience, driven by a shared commitment to improving the student experience as well as making a positive difference in the university community,” said Tyler Zubrod, superintendent. 

“Building a major project with the potential to impact students for generations is both exhilarating and humbling,” said Colton Bettger, project manager. “Every decision made carries the weight of future learner’s experiences, driving a sense of responsibility and purpose throughout the process. It’s a journey filled with challenges and triumphs, and the knowledge that the work being done will shape the educational landscape for years to come.” 

The project’s north tower will be complete in the summer of 2025, just in time for fall move-in, with the south tower expected to be complete in time for students to move in spring semester.   

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