Encore Electric Performs Major Upgrades to Home of the Denver Broncos 

November 28, 2023 – Lakewood, CO — Football stadiums are not just structures; they are homes of passion, community, and excitement. Scoreboards serve as the centerpieces of such stadiums, engaging fans and players in every second of action, game play, and replay. The new scoreboard at Empower Field at Mile High represents all of this and takes the stadium’s ability to engage fans of the game to the next level.  

Building a new scoreboard begins with a vision that ties innovative technology with the essence of the game. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals collaborated to create a design that not only complements Empower Field’s aesthetics but also ensures optimum visibility from every corner of the venue. This collaboration led teams to build the tallest, and fifth largest, scoreboard in the league.  

Modern scoreboards are technically complex, offering an array of features beyond just displaying scores. Ultra-High-definition LED screens, vibrant graphics, instant replay capabilities, and integrated sound systems immerse the audience in the heart of the action, enhancing their overall experience. Powering a scoreboard of such size, 72 feet tall by 220 feet wide, and the capabilities it brings to events at the facility required advanced electrical infrastructure provided by the Encore Electric team of eighteen electricians. For the scoreboard, Encore Electric constructed its own 480-volt, 2000-amp service to meet its power needs. Highly skilled electrical professionals from Encore Electric meticulously installed the wiring and components that power the scoreboard, connecting it to the stadium’s power grid. 

In addition to the new scoreboard, the project also included expanding the Denver Broncos team store at the stadium to better accommodate football fans and stadium staff. Renovations to the team store expanded the square footage of the space and improved the electrical capabilities for the Broncos to serve their growing fan base. 

Working in an NFL stadium in the heart of Denver brought a unique set of job site conditions not found on your traditional construction project that the Encore Electric team met head on. Throughout the project multiple high-profile and high-traffic events took place at Empower Field, from an annual monster truck derby to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.  

Collaboration and close communication with general contractor Mortenson Construction, trade partners, and the customer were critical to make sure the scoreboard was up in time for the 2023 season, and also to provide a safe and clean jobsite for the many off-season stadium visitors. Encore Electric teammates scheduled electrical shutdowns and major work during off hours that would not interfere with stadium events or functions while also remaining aware that the physical space they were using was not disruptive to the players, performers, and stadium staff. 

“The Broncos are Denver’s team,” said Project Manager Lane Morgese. “Having the chance to contribute to this stadium and work with the project team was a huge honor. The additional pressures of this project were really motivating, and our team worked tirelessly build a final product that would make Denver proud.”   

Morgese was awarded a 2023 Mortenson Star Award for his excellence in project management throughout the project. 

“It was very exciting to get to work on such a high-profile project at an active NFL stadium, especially on such an integral part of the facility and experience of being at a game the big scoreboard,” said Tony Vincent, foreman. “The project was incredibly challenging in that we had to put in place a lot of work in a short amount of time with a finish date that could not move. What made our project successful was the performance of the Encore Electric employees who time after time met or beat the challenging deadlines set for them while working through a lot of adverse weather conditions including freezing temperatures, and one of the rainiest summers we’ve had in while. I am proud to have led this project and it is a very cool feeling to see your work on national TV at every home game!”   

The new scoreboard and renovation of the Broncos’ team store were designed to foster fan engagement, allowing fans to become more connected to the game and the Broncos team throughout their whole game experience, bringing Denver fans closer together. Through a combination of technological innovation and an understanding of the game’s essence, the enhancements to Empower Field at Mile High not only set the stadium apart from the competition, but enrich the football experience, bringing fans closer to the game they love and transforming a stadium into a haven for football enthusiasts.    

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