University of Colorado – Anschutz Health Sciences Building

Anschutz Health Sciences Building
Anschutz Health Sciences Building Interior

As the population of the United States grows older and requires more medical care, additional nurses and laboratory technicians, and new techniques for improving health and safety, hospital campuses find themselves with a difficult problem: How can an organization be flexible and serve all these needs at once? The Anschutz Health Sciences Building (AHSB) on the campus of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado is one of the first to address all these problems simultaneously by offering new ways of learning, outpatient healthcare options and office space to the employees of the University of Colorado and the community at large.

This new 395,000 square foot facility in Aurora, Colorado, at seven floors, is an architectural marvel, and the Encore Electric team was happy to provide power, lighting, one-line, and fire alarm solutions for the project that has won multiple awards and received accolades from the construction industry.

The Anschutz Health Sciences Building also contributes to the community in many ways. With its mixture of training areas and labs, research areas, and behavioral health outpatient clinics, it promises to further the study of many different areas of medicine and directly help those who live in the surrounding area. If a member of the community finds themselves in need of care, the nurses that are training at AHSB will have real-world training on what to do if, say, the power to the hospital goes out. Encore Electric helped build and program mock headwalls that can simulate power outages to train these essential workers. These headwalls were built in the Encore Electric prefabrication center and delivered using the just-in-time material management strategy for installation at the jobsite.