Hydro Building – CSU SPUR at National Western Complex

Hydro Building
Hydro Building

The Hydro Building is the third and final building that makes up the CSU SPUR complex, a one-of-a-kind, year-round campus which is not only an expansion site for the CSU educational program but also free and available for visitors to enjoy, as well. This new campus welcomes the public to a space where they can dive into hands-on experiences to understand the biggest issues about the global topics of food, water, and health.

CSU has partnered with the National Western Stock Show since its inception in 1906 and now the university is helping redevelop the National Western Center grounds to create a year-round venue to draw learners and educators alike. The centerpiece of the campus is the Hydro Building, the largest building on campus, which is focused on providing education about water challenges not only here in Colorado, but around the world. In addition to being an education facility, it is also home to Denver Water’s new, state-of-the-art Water Quality Laboratory which is intended to provide research, innovation, policy, and a space to pull together experts and thought leaders while providing access to the public to study and understand the extensive water testing and treatment of Colorado water.

The Encore Electric team partnered with general contractor JE Dunn for this project to provide power, fire alarm, lighting control, and raceway for low voltage systems. The purpose of this space is to enable the public to explore and interact with educational content and professionals who work on water issues. Students and the general public will gather information to learn how water is used and understand conservation steps they can take to protect this important natural resource.


  • 2023 Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Summit Awards
    Best Commercial Project, $10M+