Meeker High School – Meeker, Colorado

General Contractor: Haselden Construction

Completion Date: 2020

Encore Electric helped to do remodels of the gymnasium and auditorium, a new classroom wing, and updates to administrative offices, the kitchen, labs, the metals classroom and woodshop. Encore Electric built all power, audio-visual, security, access control and fire alarms for the school. One of the main goals of the new building was upgrading the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, with an emphasis on safety, given that the school was operational at the time of construction start and most of the way through construction. There were previously 40 entrances to the building. That meant a lot of new complex layers of conduit to get additional power to all parts of the school. In addition, the complexity led to a manual process that was not VDC coordinated because of issues with the existing mechanical room. For Encore Electric, that meant significant collaboration with other specialty contractors to make the best and most efficient plan for the school.

In addition to all the work inside of the building, new electrical work was completed on the outside of the building as well, including 40, 30-foot solar lights in the parking lot. All of that put together, built during a global pandemic and a record fire season in Colorado, led to an incredible challenge that was faced – and conquered – by the Encore Electric team.