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Moby Arena Locker Room Renovations – Colorado State University

Moby Arena
Moby Arena

Moby Arena is an iconic landmark on the CSU campus in Fort Collins, Colorado known for its unique architecture and long history dating back to 1966 when it hosted its very first Rams basketball game for a packed house of 9,000 rowdy fans. To this day, Moby Arena brings a sense of community, comradery, and tradition to the campus. Because of its long-standing history, it was never in the plan to tear it down and start over, even in the highly competitive world of collegiate sports.

This time capsule, with its history echoing through the halls with the passion of excited fans, is important to the CSU legacy and illustrates the great lengths they go to invest in their time honored tradition of steadfast commitment to their student athletes.

The 8,400 square foot project was a design-build renovation of the Moby Arena locker rooms for the NCAA Division Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams. The new space was designed to create an inspired space and provide a home away from home for student athletes. The space is used year-round for team building activities, studying, and entertainment. It is also a key recruiting tool aimed at attracting future athletes and their parents as well as helping the CSU program compete with other schools.

The Encore Electric Technology Solutions team partnered with general contractor Adolfson & Peterson to provide numerous technology and low voltage elements to the Moby Arena Locker Room Renovation Project, including audiovisual engineering, product solutions, and audiovisual integration and installation. In this environment, product solutions are extremely important for creating the atmosphere student athletes crave including high-definition digital displays, strategic lighting, robust sound, simple to use touch panels, and top of the line game consoles. The right products set the mood by not only energizing student athletes on game day but also helping to create quiet space for recovery, studying, and relaxing. No matter how the space is used, atmospheric technology elements are designed to enhance the desired effect.


  • 2023 Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Summit Awards
    Low-Voltage / Limited Energy Systems Construction Award