Hospitality and Enertainment

Silverthorne Performing Arts Center – Silverthorne, Colorado

General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Engineer: Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers

Architect: OZ Architecture

Completion Date: 2017

A community is much more than a series of buildings, roads, parks and businesses. It’s the people who live and work in a place. It’s our institutions, the things we come together to collectively fund, enjoy and talk about. It’s your neighbors – the people you see and talk to every day, and the people behind the scenes that you may never know. For many communities like Silverthorne, Colorado – it’s the art we make together that brings a community together.

That’s why the new 16,000 square foot Silverthorne Performing Arts Center, built by Encore Electric with their partner Adolfson & Peterson, is such a big part of the coming together of community members from all over the Colorado Mountains. In addition to the art, the town of Silverthorne anticipates this theater will be a large driver of other economic development planned for the area.

The town knew that they wanted something big out of the $9 million project, but the budget was constrained, and so they relied on the technical and professional expertise of the Encore Electric team to deliver the power, electrical and technology needs for the facility, a new building built in the heart of Silverthorne and a cornerstone to the newly developing town center.


  • 2017 Associated Builders and Contractors Award of Merit
    Electrical: Commercial Less than $2 Million