Team Provides Design-Build Electrical Services for the New Roosevelt High School Campus

February 1, 2024 – Lakewood, CO – Historically, schools are the center of a community. They inspire collaboration, learning, creativity, sports enthusiasm, and serve as a place for the community to gather. The new Roosevelt High School, captures history and reflects the care and respect of the Johnstown, Colorado community surrounding it. The school’s vision exhibits its strong ties to the community by encouraging collaboration with the community to support and teach social, emotional, academic, career, and communication skills, essential to the preparation and transformation of well-developed students into well-developed citizens.

Encore Electric partnered with general contractor Adolfson & Peterson, trade partners, and the community to build this massive 226,000-square-foot school campus comprised of numerous buildings, including an outdoor stadium. The campus accommodates a traditional rigorous college preparation track and a Career & Technical Education (CTE)-based curriculum, providing students with opportunities to benefit from work-based learning in a space specifically designed for creativity and collaboration. Beyond a traditional curriculum, the CTE program offers more than a dozen pathways, from Agri-Business to General Construction, Hospitality and Food Production, and Cyber Security.

Roosevelt High School

“Although this is a new school, the history of the previous school is displayed everywhere and thrives within all corners of the new state-of-the-art campus,” said Lyle Hackenberg, Adolfson & Peterson superintendent. “From the athletics facilities to the culinary kitchen to the various hands-on labs and the outdoor stadium, the heart and soul of the original school came into the new space to bring it to life with a strong sense of student pride.”

Encore Electric collaborated with the general contractor, trade partners, and the community to provide design-build and electrical services for the entire campus. Modern schools are complex. Adding to that complexity, this school is equipped with various hands-on labs for CTE programs such as Animal Science, Plant Science, Human Services, Health Science/Athletic Training, and Engineering and Technology to create an interactive learning environment for students. The community’s vision was brought to life through this close collaboration from preconstruction to opening day.

“The biggest challenge of this project was its massive size and location. The team overcame that challenge because of the incredible amount of community involvement which inspired them,” said Dustin Cahill, Encore Electric superintendent. “The community rallied around the project, from land donation to sharing their master plans for the community. Working together brought life and meaningful purpose to building a school like this for the students and the community as a whole.”

The construction teams working on this project had a strong sense of purpose as the construction industry has been facing a shortage of labor. Roosevelt High School is exceptional and relatable because it offers students alternatives to traditional college paths. For instance, in the CTE construction pathway, students are not simply building birdhouses, but instead constructing sheds to donate, further emphasizing the school’s importance in the community.

Roosevelt High School
Roosevelt High School
Roosevelt High School
“Three of our grades in this building experienced the old building. The amount of jaw-dropping that I’m seeing from students and parents is pretty awesome,” said David Benson, Roosevelt High School principal. “Thanks to everyone involved from start to finish. What’s on paper doesn’t always come out the way you expect it to, but this time it did!”

At the first Homecoming football game in the new stadium, the community’s rich history and pride were on full display, with standing room only. This, the first of many events to come, was a reflection of the care and effort put into creating a new space where the community can come together.

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