In order to prioritize the safety of all Encore Electric employees, the following requirements regarding the use of Studson helmets are hereby established:

  1. Helmet Type and Features:
    • All Encore Electric employees are mandated to wear a company provided Studson, ANSI Type II helmet while on the job.
    • The helmet must be equipped with an integrated four-point chin strap.
  2. Chin Strap Guidelines:
    • The chin strap shall be properly attached and securely fastened under the chin.
    • There should be no more than a 2-finger gap between the strap and the chin.
  3. Approved Accessories:
    • Any accessories added to the helmet, including face shields, earmuffs, eye visors, and headlamps, shall be Studson approved.
    • Accessories shall meet the manufacturer’s requirements specified by Studson.
  4. Exceptional Circumstances:
    • The Studson Helmet requirements may be waived on an Encore Electric jobsite under specific conditions.
    • An exception may be made when an owner and/or general contractor, in conjunction with the Encore Electric Director of Safety and Director of Business Unit, expressly request that helmets are not worn due to job-site conditions.
    • Example: In cases where a finished medical facility with patient-sensitive areas necessitates a deviation from the standard helmet requirements.

It is imperative that all employees adhere to these safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment. Failure to comply with these helmet requirements may result in disciplinary actions.

To review the Studson Helmet Policy, please go to the PPE section of the 2024 Health and Safety Manual.

Thank you for your commitment to safety.