Hamilton Brings Wealth of Knowledge on Construction Process

July 3, 2019 – Lakewood, CO — Encore Electric is proud to announce that Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Manager Samantha Hamilton has been selected to lead the Encore Electric Prefabrication Team, as well.

Sam Hamilton Encore ElectricHamilton has been selected because of her prior experience with the VDC team, as well as her exceptional ability to form and lead a team. Hamilton is being tasked with increasing the use of these two vital teams within the company as well as growing the use of Field Technology.

The first step for Hamilton and the team will be to get back to basics, implementing new and existing processes to be more transparent and efficient. This move will allow our VDC and Prefabrication teams to better collaborate and streamline their processes. In addition, the combination of these teams will help position the organization for more advanced prefabrication in the future.

“As you look at planning projects and know what is important to customers, like meeting schedules and preplanning, building in controlled environments becomes a key part of efficiency,” said Marlin Linder, Vice President at Encore Electric. “It’s a natural fit for VDC to be with prefabrication because of the work they do together.”

Hamilton started at Encore Electric in 2011, working as a VDC Coordinator, working on many large complex projects. She then began managing the department in 2013. In 2016, she founded the VDC Cooperative, a group of general contractors and specialty contractors’ virtual construction industry experts. The group works on issues that range from process improvement to assisting local educational programs. In 2018, Hamilton received the Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top Young Professionals Award.

“Sam has proven her leadership. She develops strong teams and relates well to our field,” said Linder. “As a leader, she has earned the opportunity to succeed.”

“If everyone knows and understands what is needed in the field and what the capabilities are, we can help each other and share ideas,” Hamilton said. “There is so much we can do.”

About Encore Electric: Founded in 2003, Encore Electric, Inc. was established to serve clients in the Rocky Mountain West to address complex and technical projects for developers and top consumer brands with electrical construction, technology solutions and maintenance services. Recognized for safety, design and quality by industry organizations and customers, Encore credits the talent and work ethic of its more than 800 team members. Encore Electric is a privately held, employee-owned company based in Lakewood, Colorado. For more information, visit www.encoreelectric.com.