Encore University Prepares our People for Rewarding Careers and Advanced Projects 

July 27, 2022 – Lakewood, CO — At Encore Electric we strive to invest in our number one advantage: our people. Providing our teams with the tools and resources to help them be the best deepens our skillset as a team and allows us to continue to provide the best products and services in all things power, technology, and energy.    

Investment in our people manifests itself in many ways across the organization, and that’s why we have Encore University. Encore University is a continuing education resource that connects our people with over 250 online and in-person courses to expand and sharpen their skillset across a variety of topics.  

Offerings are available for all skill levels for a wide array of subjects. For apprentices there are classes on basic safety, tools, first aid and CPR, and math, in addition to more advanced courses on wiring troubleshooting, NEC code and leadership. Continuing education courses for licensed electricians cover a wide range of topics from Management Development, Computer Usage, OSHA courses and more. In addition to elective courses, Encore University also provides continuing education units (CEUs) to help journeymen meet the requirements they need to renew their license each code cycle. 

Dave Van Stelle and Angie Ripple, the training team behind Encore University, are constantly working to keep Encore Electric employees on the cutting edge of industry knowledge and skills. Van Stelle regularly reviews existing courses to update them with new code requirements, technological advancements, and with lessons learned by experts on the jobsite. On top of updating existing courses, Van Stelle and Ripple prioritize connecting with Encore electricians and project staff to find the needs Encore University is not meeting.  

Encore University

Gerry Brown, quality assurance and commissioning engineer and Encore University student, has taken full advantage of the resource and attends classes as often as he can.  

“It demonstrates Encore’s commitment to enable employees to grow in this organization,” said Brown. “I really have appreciated the ability to take a quick refresher class in a particular subject area that is relevant to my jobsite and having instructors who are also coworkers is a great resource as well.” 

Encore University is evidence of our commitment to our people. Investing resources in our people not only helps us to continue to create the best in all things power, technology, and energy, but it supports our people in achieving rewarding careers where they can find personal satisfaction.  

“Encore University is one reason I decided to join Encore,” said Cheryl Steiner, preconstruction estimator. “I’m a forever learner (AKA nerd) so I love learning new things. Plus, Encore University classes give me greater confidence in my role as an estimator, as well as help me be a stronger problem solver for our project teams. We are so fortunate to have such a great resource available to every single person in the company, at any time, and for free!” 

Part of the investment into Encore University is the time and dedication that the facilitators and teachers give to pass down decades worth of knowledge to newer electricians. Encore Electric performs advanced, highly technical projects that many are not trained to do in their standard schooling. These projects require a specific skillset that can often only be learned from other Encore Electric experts on the jobsite or through an Encore University course. 

“I was a superintendent on the Gaylord Hotel and a long list of other Encore projects throughout Denver,” said Van Stelle. “Building the buildings I could do with my eyes closed. But the joy I got out of projects was working with the young guys and helping them grow and seeing the “ah ha” moments when they figured something out was the best part for me.” 

“Encore University has given me the opportunity to learn about different aspects related to my career that I do not get to experience on a regular basis,” said Foreman Zack Westberg. “Knowledge is key to staying up-to-date and relevant in our continually changing industry and Encore University has been very effective on working to provide Encore electricians with the tools and knowledge to stay up to date.” 

We believe giving our people tools to grow and develop serves both their careers and our projects. By building an educated workforce that is well-equipped to handle challenges on the job and surpass expectations, Encore Electric is prepared to build projects that best serve our customers.  

“I think it’s invaluable, not just to the craftspeople that take the course and have continuing education, but also to our customers because we’re providing electricians and technicians that are trained above and beyond any competitor,” said Angie Ripple.  

Encore University is a unique resource that you cannot get anywhere else. Hundreds of Encore Electric employees take classes every year and students are increasing their time spent in courses to expand their skills.  

Technology and the projects we build are becoming more and more complex. In thanks to a well-educated workforce, we can continue to expand and grow and surpass expectations.   

“We’re not just teaching technical skills,” said Van Stelle. “We want to help our people grow into leaders and in more personal, internal aspects as well. We are working to make sure our people find success, personal satisfaction, and a rewarding career at Encore Electric.” 

Encore University is a resource only limited by what our teams can imagine. If you have an idea for an Encore University course, email Dave Van Stelle to bring your idea to life!  

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