Encore Electric’s legacy of customer commitment rests on the strength, professionalism and longevity of our team. It comes from our high safety, quality and delivery standards and from our innovative thinkers and diverse problem solvers.

We continue to invest in technology, prefabrication and training to enable our craftspeople to exceed the standards of the industry and provide technical services that support your project visions.

Participation During Design

Early input yields higher returns, especially during the early stages of in construction planning. We believe providing earlier access to construction services creates better solutions through:

  • Streamlined communication processes with our customers and project partners to eliminate errors
  • Network-based information management systems for information-on-demand transitions from design through construction
  • Early prefabrication assessments allowing schedule improvements and team collaboration
  • Frequent reviews to identify opportunities for LEAN planning processes
  • Leveraged use of project and field engineers to provide fast and accurate solutions to project challenges
  • Pre-design construction processes that prevent overlapping design/construction schedules and eliminate delays
  • Virtual construction and working mock-ups to illustrate means and methods solutions
  • Creative prefabrication solutions to improve construction cycle times

Pre-Planning for Safety, Quality and Delivery

Our preconstruction and construction teams serve in a design assist role on every project. And our Project Managers and Superintendents get involved early and often to improve the safety, QA/QC and scheduling processes at every stage of each individual build plan.

We take every opportunity to improve safety, QA/QC and scheduling processes.

  • Our project teams pre-plan and analyze the installation conditions and hazards to create detailed work plans to minimize safety risks. Safety is a core competency shared by every team member and is responsible for our repeated success.
  • Critical Path Schedules are analyzed from conception to aid team efficiency and allow additional time for quality checks and commissioning.
  • Better pre-planning fosters team communication, accurate resource forecasts and opportunities for team improvements.

Putting Technology in the Hands of Our Craftspeople

Encore continues to invest in the latest technology to allow our electricians to connect the dots from our customer’ vision to our craftspeople’s tool belts using:

  • Preliminary layouts and sketches generated with Blue Beam technology
  • The latest software for Virtual Construction Collaboration
  • On-site electronic contract documents to connect our community of designers, managers and craftspeople with the most current information
  • Robotic Transit System (total station) layouts from point-generated layouts to provide design intent with fraction-of-an-inch tolerances
  • Job-Site Tablets with project drawings, specifications, cut sheets and addenda synchronized daily to replace out-of-date installation drawings pigeon-holed in all corners of the building
  • Tablet QA/QC reporting synchronized to commissioning managers to confirm Encore Electric’s Quality with independent-testing authorities and facility managers

Defining Success

We aren’t satisfied with the completion of your project unless:

  • Your project met its budget goal.
  • There was cooperation and excellent communication between the design team, the general contractor and the owner.
  • The worksite was safe with no accidents during construction.
  • Your project was completed on schedule.
  • The quality of our work was exceptional and our workers took pride in the completed project.
  • We have made you a completely satisfied customer.