Encore Electric Donates $30,000 to Local Organizations After Fires Bring Catastrophic Damage 

April 25, 2022Louisville, CO Three months ago, Colorado communities were shaken by the catastrophic damage of the Marshall Fire in and around Boulder County. As fires quickly changed neighborhoods, shopping centers, and other public spaces, surrounding communities rallied to support the immediate need of those impacted and have stayed active in the months following the damage. Local organizations came together to offer food, shelter, and other immediate needs as plans for how to recover after the tragedy were conceived. 

Encore Electric recognizes that the support needed in the wake of this disaster will be continuous, and we plan to be there for the long haul. This month, Encore Electric made financial contributions to three organizations in the community that are directly supporting those impacted by the fires.

Encore Electric values our people and the communities we live and work in, so contributing to organizations that support both was hugely important. Harvest of Hope Pantry, Sister Carmen Community Center, and The Community Foundation Boulder County are working face to face with impacted community members to connect them with the physical, mental, and monetary resources.   

Harvest of Hope provides food assistance to community members. For Harvest of Hope, the Marshall Fires were a reminder that anyone can find themselves in a position where they need the assistance that Harvest of Hope provides.   

Sister Carmen Community Center offers community members support ranging from rent assistance to advocacy through a variety of hardships, aiming to support community members through times of need and help them to thrive afterward. 

The Community Foundation Boulder County has been a pillar of support to the Boulder community since 1991, driven by a calling to be a catalyst for good that responds to immediate needs and anticipates challenges that the community may face in the future. Aiding individuals and smaller organizations within the community, the Community Foundation has become an organization that the community can lean on for small and large acts of support.  

“At Encore Electric we care for our people and the communities where we live and work,” said Willis Wiedel, Encore Electric president. “When the Marshall Fires struck, we knew we had to step up to offer our support to those affected. We are proud to support these organizations that are working face-to-face with community members to help them recover after this tragedy.” 

marshall fire

A few Encore Electric teammates were directly impacted by the fires, living within the areas the fires burned. Aaron VanDegrift, Encore Electric technology solutions project engineer, lives near the areas hardest hit by the fires and was forced to evacuate when the fires sparked.  

“I packed up the car with my wife, daughter, four dogs, and bags of whatever we could grab, and we just left,” VanDegrift said.  

As news of the fires broke, Encore Electric worked to contact our people living in the communities impacted by the fires, ensuring their safety and gauging the need for support immediately following the tragedy. 

“We use data to help make better decisions,” said David Scott, Encore Electric director of human resources. “We were relieved to learn that several people at Encore were impacted, no one at Encore Electric lost their home. Using home addresses, we were able to quickly reach out to our employees and offer help in real-time and ensure everyone was safe. Thank you to Encore Electric employees for keeping this vital information up to date.”  

As communities begin to rebuild organizations like these will play a crucial role in providing continued support to community members. So far, the three groups have collectively given more than $8 million in assistance to victims of the fire through food, shelter, cleanup efforts, and more.  

“With support from contributors like you, SCCC will continue to provide services, without discrimination, to thousands in our community who are experiencing poverty and need our assistance,” said Suzanne Crawford, chief executive office of Sister Carmen Community Center. “Your support ensures that individuals and families are connected to comprehensive and coordinated services that successfully move them toward economic stability and self-sufficiency.” 

Despite amazing giving efforts, recovery from the fires is far from over. 

VanDegrift sees his neighborhood rebuilding but acknowledges the need for continued support for his neighbors. “Everyone is trying to march forward as best as they can. Some businesses are rebuilding now, but there are still so many homes to rebuild and people to help.”  

Encore Electric is honored to have the opportunity to support organizations who have worked to support those impacted by the fire in the immediate aftermath and through long-term recovery.  

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