Twenty-Four were in IECRM Class with 153 Total Graduates; largest in history

June 12, 2018 – Arvada, CO — On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) held their graduation ceremony at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities in Arvada, Colorado. The 153 total graduates comprise the largest IECRM graduating class in history, with 100 percent of the grads finding employment. Twenty-four of those apprentice graduates are from Encore Electric, an electrical contractor based in Lakewood, Colorado.

In total, 31 Encore Electric apprentices have completed their apprenticeship this year. They are Michael Austin, Juan Chavez, Justin Chavez, James Dockery, Dylan Fletcher, Brandon Gerving, Richard Gomez, Benjamin Hardendorf, Paul Harrison, Robert Jurenka, Andrew Kinateder, Jordie Klosterman, Tyler Burley, Jason Stitt, Aaron Peterson, Alec Hemphill, Timothy Meis, Jesus Murillo, Benjamin Nickerson, Elliot Riehl, Mark Ring, Jason Sandahl, Patrick Shanahan, Ryan Spencer, Cole Ullom, Carlos Villalba-Garcia, Cody Vincent, Joshua Wade, Stuart Johnson ,Josh Petty and Kevin Vanlandingham.

David Scott, Encore Electric’s director of human resources and training, gave the opening remarks to the assembled crowd at the event. In it, he challenged this generation of electrical apprentice graduates with changing the electrical industry for the better, in the face of changing circumstances for the construction industry.

“One of the ways to make your mark is what I love about this trade…you have an absolute responsibility to pass what you have learned to the next generation of apprentices behind you,” Scott said. “The trades are very unique in this aspect.  I am just an HR guy.  There is no apprenticeship for HR.   Light the way for others and you will begin to cement your place in history.”

Scott also stressed the differences between being an electrician and being another trade craftsman.

“This responsibility means you must continue your education,” he said. “Continuous improvement is more important in the electrical industry than any other trade because the technology is constantly evolving. Your responsibility is to learn, teach, and grow. Work safely, teach safe habits and make your mark on history.”

Congratulations to the graduates! We look forward to watching you continue your great work in the years to come.

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IECRM Graduation 2018