Encore Electric Celebrates 20 Years of Service in the Electrical Industry 

March 17, 2023 – Lakewood, CO — On Thursday, March 16, 2023, Encore Electric celebrated 20 years of providing All Things Power, Technology, and Energy to the industry.  

Encore Electric was founded on four core values: People, Principle, Service, and Strength. These core values have served as the foundation of the business as we have built our legacy over the last twenty years, guiding and motivating teams as we provide unmatched quality, safety, and service to customers.  

“We set out to develop a company that would withstand the test of time,” said Jeff Thompson, Encore Electric founder and executive vice president. “Our legacy company today augments that original plan. I am so proud of where we have come so far and to see the next generation of leaders take us through the next twenty. Happy Anniversary, Encore!” 

Since 2003 Encore Electric has grown, starting in its home state of Colorado, and then expanding its reach through the Rocky Mountain West and beyond. Encore Electric has built hospitals that provide lifesaving treatments to patients, schools, and research facilities to teach the next generations of leaders in each of these communities, and cultural landmarks for people to gather and enjoy. Encore Electric has had the opportunity to build critical infrastructure that will impact our communities and futures for the better. 

“It is amazing to reflect on the accomplishments we have made over the last twenty years,” said Willis Wiedel, founder and chief executive officer. “All of us at Encore and our families carry a sense of pride for the projects we have built that continue to make a real difference in our communities. We have developed lifelong relationships with our partners, and created a team that will continue our legacy as a leader in our industry. As I think about the people who helped build Encore and who are building its future – those who collaborated on teams, cared for our people, serviced our customers, volunteered in our communities and have been good stewards of the values and skills they have acquired – I am very optimistic about our future.” 

As Encore Electric begins its journey through the next twenty years of business, the organization wishes to send appreciation and gratitude to all who have helped the team reach this point. We value our relationships with our people, from employees to industry partners to end customers; the work that we do, the projects we create, and the legacy we have forged would not be where they are today without all our people.  

As a legacy company, Encore Electric hopes to be around for the next thousand years, and will rely on customer relationships and the best people in the business to make that a reality. 

From building projects that make a difference for the communities where Encore Electric teammates live and work, to volunteering, to providing good, quality jobs for the best and brightest in the electrical industry, Encore Electric makes a difference throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.  

“I am very proud to be a part of the Encore team and excited for our 20th anniversary,” said Encore Electric President Andy Gordon. “When I think back on our success over the past 20 years, what comes to mind most are the great relationships we have built with our customers as well as all the talented people who choose to work at Encore. Encore is truly a visionary company that was built on strong core values and a purpose that is still a guiding force for us today. I feel like we have accomplished so much over the past 20 years, and it will be exciting to see what the next 20 years brings us!” 

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