Encore Electric Superintendent Recognized as Top Young Leader in the Industry 

July 26, 2023 – Lakewood, CO — This month Tyler Burley, Encore Electric Superintendent, was named an Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Under 30 All Star! Under 30 All Stars are recognized as young leaders in the industry that demonstrate above and beyond efforts towards innovation, efficiency, and technology.  

Burley grew up around Encore Electric and the electrical trade. His father Toby has had a long career as an electrician and project manager with Encore Electric. Family ties to the trade inspired Tyler to become an electrical apprentice with Encore Electric after high school.  

Over the last nine years with the organization, Tyler has proven that he is excited by the challenges of the trade, never hesitating to take on a difficult project or take a continuing education course to stay sharp and expand his skills. With this ambitious approach to his career, Burley has quickly developed a reputation within Encore Electric as a leader, growing from an apprentice to a foreman in just a few short years.  

“I was honored to of even been nominated for this, let alone actually be selected,” said Tyler Burley, superintendent. “It speaks volumes about the training and resources that Encore has available for their employees. Being recognized for this wouldn’t be possible without all the great mentors that I have had along the way.” 

“Tyler’s ability to bring the new generation up to the high standards of the current leadership is admirable,” said Superintendent Steve Young. “He brings out the best in people through his ‘can-do’ approach and natural ability to lead.” 

Teammates and colleagues know Tyler as someone that prioritizes mentorship and empowering other young electricians around him.  Tyler’s leadership and dedication to his team bring the Encore Electric purpose and core values to life on his jobsite, bettering his team and projects as he works.   

“Tyler came to work for us as an eager apprentice at barely 18 years old,” said JR Bond, Vice President of Business Units. “From day one as a first-year apprentice, he had a great attitude, great work ethic and a general knack for the trade. As Tyler progressed in his career and got his journeyman license it was obvious that he was going to be a leader. He jumped right into being a lead on a complicated museum project and ended up taking the entire project over after his superintendent at the time was asked to run another project. From there he was asked to run another high-profile stadium project and was able to lead both projects to great success. Tyler has accomplished so much in his young career, and I can’t say enough how he leads crews to his hard work and dedication. Congratulations Tyler on being nominated and for being an All Star!” 

Read more about the EC&M Under 30 All Stars.  


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