Encore Electric Service Electrician Tim Verschelden is responsible for meeting customer needs, like troubleshooting, installation, complex system construction and maintenance. Service electricians like Tim need a wide variety of electrical skills to do the job right for customers.

Tim became an electrician after coming to the United States from Australia. His hometown had many coal mines, oil and gas and rail, and was a big industry town. Tim started his career as a welder, but soon found himself in the electrical trade where he flourished and found a passion for high-skilled electrical work.

The challenge of being a service electrician means a lot to Tim Verschelden, and being put in complex environments where he has to understand all aspects of the electrical trade gets his brain thinking, and he makes a good living doing it.

Tim’s favorite part of being a service electrician is the uniqueness of the customers who partner with Encore Electric, and how diverse the work environments and tasks can be. One day he may be working in a healthcare facility, while the next he may find himself in an office building, power plant or even a school or university.

He does pretty much everything, and he enjoys himself every day. The Encore Electric service pledge means that our service electricians promise to arrive on-time, call ahead to confirm an appointment, thoroughly review the work before starting, maintain an orderly jobsite, clean up after themselves, verify the customer’s satisfaction of the work completed, advise on maintenance items that need attention and personally thank customers each and every time for choosing Encore Electric. This pledge helps our service electricians build a personal relationship with our customers.

Click on the video above to meet Tim and hear more about his job as service electrician at Encore Electric.