Quality Assurance

Our Encore Electric Quality Assurance program not only improves our construction quality and reduces rework, it improves our customer satisfaction. We ensure that our customer’s needs and expectations are met through conscientious advance planning. We believe quality must be built in throughout the process, from the initial design to the final walk-through.

Construction plans may change and evolve to conform to circumstances in the field. We believe that our quality assurance program allows us to adjust to changes without compromising our high standards. Our flexible Quality Assurance system allows us to meet each client’s requirements while strictly adhering to all system performance expectations.

Our Quality Assurance Program captures the best industry practices, the most up-to-date procedures for safety and quality, client specifications and building code compliance.

Starting with a clear understanding of performance standards and systems expectations, and taking into account the experience and the strength of our professionals, we define your expectations, redefine our standards for quality, and work diligently to exceed them at every stage.


Encore Electric’s QA/QC process includes but is not limited to:

Preconstruction preview

  • Constructability
  • Document / Specification review
  • System Performance Enhancement
  • Intra Trade Coordination
  • Coordination via VDC model
  • Pre-plan QC means & methods
  • In-depth turnovers

Project Engineer Oversight

  • Site specifics process managers
  • Quality of inbound/outbound information
  • Construction Tablet 100% Accuracy
  • As built / BIM Model accuracy
  • Issue tracking & resolution communication
  • Pre-Submittal review for compliance
  • Project closeout compliance & accuracy

Construction Implementation

  • Quality expectations communicated daily
  • Updated documents via job site tablets
  • Internal Quality Audits & Pre-inspections
  • Internal audit forms & checklists on tablets
  • Coordination via VDC models
  • Code compliance w/ AHJ & Inspectors
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Prefab ideas to increase quality
  • LEAN process development

Enhanced Cx – Commissioning

  • Early Cx needs analysis
  • NETA Testing
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Facility test planning
  • On-staff Electrical P.E.
  • Qualified technicians with the Cx team
  • Test scheduling coordination
  • Pre-Testing w/ Cx team prior to AHJ
    • Expertise in SCADA systems