Technology Solutions


Encore Electric brings unique building technology guidance to your project to provide tangible, valuable benefits for the builders, owners, managers, and occupants.

The Encore Electric Technology Solutions team works closely with our clients to select, implement, manage and integrate technology systems to monitor and control all the technology throughout an entire facility. We consider the diverse factors of construction cost control, long-term cost-of-ownership, service and reliability. By thoroughly understanding each client’s specific needs, we can carefully choose the most appropriate technology service providers for each project. Each system must be designed to respond flexibly and reliably to the needs of building operators and users to protect investments and the control environment over the long term. Whether it is a simple data cable plant or a fully-integrated automation platform encompassing communications, security, energy and performance analysis, Encore will deliver the best long-term value for your project.

Design/Build and Design/Assist Technology Integration ManagementTechnology Solutions

Encore’s experience and expertise allows us to provide:

  • ‘Big-Picture’ guidance from dedicated building technology systems professionals, before, during, and after construction
  • Design/Build and Design/Assist services using our leading technology preconstruction capabilities
  • Value-based analyses on Return On Investment & Total Cost of Ownership – beyond apparent low first-cost
  • A strong history with leading technology system providers
  • Successful delivery of integrated technology systems in complex construction projects, managed as part of the overall electrical package

Building Performance Strategy

To create a single, unified solution for each project, Encore Electric will:

  • Collects detailed information about the performance and operational needs of the asset owners, managers, occupants, and stakeholders
  • Establishes a system baseline and creates a target for performance objectives
  • Evaluates strategies and select the best-fitting building-performance solutions
  • Develops implementation and installation plans for the integration system
  • Installs advanced metering and energy management systems to document performance
  • Offers ongoing support so maximum performance is achieved and continuously optimized and improved using sophisticated analytical tools

Facility Information Management and Integration

By bringing different systems onto a common communication platform, Encore Electric will:

  • Provide proactive, centralized monitoring and control by bridging independent system data into coordinated building metrics
  • Collect user data and feedback to steer the comfort and safety of their environment
  • Analyze the collected performance data to improve asset management
  • Add value though energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, better security and risk management and increased communication and data sharing