At Encore Electric, when the bell rings, the VDC team goes to work. It’s the job of the virtual design and construction team to address many of the variables that help deliver a great electrical project on-time, and on-budget.

During the first meeting on a project, the VDC team takes steps to ensure the project is set up for success, completion to plan, and to specifications. Next, the VDC team sits down with preconstruction, project management and other key members of Encore Electric. At this stage, the team brainstorms, make preliminary drawings and converts those drawings into a virtual design model, so each trade can walk through the project virtually and build our part of the entire job even before the foundation is laid. Then, it’s off to the races.

“I get the electronic versions and create a three dimensional model,” said Nick Thompson. “VDC is a subcomponent of a greater aspiration within the construction industry. It helps us cut down on the time that it takes to establish the project, it cuts down on the safety risks, so all of our employees make it home every day, and we can expedite the process of the construction building as a whole.”

The construction world is moving faster than ever. That’s why the work that the VDC department does is vital. It is more precise, more efficient and leads to a better project outcome for every trade involved.

“If we’re not accurate, and we just … even if we’re off by an inch or two, then 9 times out of 10 we’re going to be in the exact same location as another trade, and in the space they allocated in the model, so we draw everything,” said Mark Barnhart. “We coordinate everything with the other trades, and then we take everything down to a 2D print with measurements and elevations, and go as far as total station, where our total station guy’s coming out and shooting points.”

The coordination that Encore Electric fosters between trades is the difference between a good job, and a great job. And our General Contractors partners notice that extra work and expertise that Encore is known for.

“Encore has been a partner of ours for years. Again, it’s one of those relationships that’s best-in-class,” said Chris Boal, Mortenson Construction. “The level of person and detail that they bring to the project is second to none. Again, wherever we know that we’re working with Encore, we know it’s going to be done well. We know that they’re going to handle their business, and we know they’re bringing good people to the project site.”

Virtual Design and Construction is a vital component of any electrical installation. Not only does it allow Encore Electric to coordinate across trades, but it helps the team to prefabricate all the components and bring them together from a virtual model into the real-life construction, assembling each project with significant time and cost savings, while reducing risks for our craftsmen in the field.

No matter where the Encore Electric team is working, you can rely on the Virtual Design and Construction team to save a project time and protect the budget through the use of innovative techniques. Encore Electric – All Things Power, Technology and Energy.

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